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The Dog Closet
& Pet Supply Storage Ideas for Indulgent Owners

Cute puppy sitting on bench by dog closet filled with canine clothes

We love them like children. The bond between humans and our pets is an old one. It's strong and long-lasting like family ties. Dogs especially offer us unconditional love that is difficult to ignore. As a result, we try to please them with special treats, a lot of attention, and extra romps through the park. Some of us even dress our fur babies up like human children. When your pooch has an extensive wardrobe or inventory of toys to keep track of, it may be time to think about giving your pet a dog closet to keep everything organized.

Do pets need to stay organized?

Pet personalities vary greatly and even differ between individuals of the same species. But there's one thing they all share. Both dogs and cats prefer a set routine where things are predictable. And what facilitates routines better than organization? Make sure your pets food dish is always in the same place. Feed them at the same time every day. Try to make your comings and goings as regular as possible so they know what to expect. These are just a few things you can do to make your dog or cat feel secure.

Being organized is also beneficial for the human members of the family. Adults and children alike perform better and feel less stress when following a predictable schedule. Predictable routines lead to better sleep, lower anxiety, and overall better health in both adults and children. Mess also causes stress. This applies to everyone from adults, to kids, and pets. So if your pet has a lot of possessions — whether they're sweaters, clothes, squeak toys, treats, or something else, it may make sense to give them their own closet. Keep things organized and everyone in the family is sure to be pleased.

cute dog wearing dog dress and dancing
You'd dance for joy too if you had a dog closet and pet station as nice as this one.

What do you keep in a pet closet?

Whenever someone hears "pet closet", they immediately think of a closet filled with doggie costumes. While canine sweaters, booties, etc. certainly belong in a dog closet, use your pet clothes closet for other supplies as well. Put kibble, canned food, toys, extra dog beds, leashes, scratching posts, grooming tools, and pet meds, in addition to dog clothes in your pet closet. For best organization, make this storage area your in-home one-stop-shop for all your furry friend's supplies. That way, you'll always be able to find what you need because there's less chance of stuff getting lost or misplaced.

2 cats using a litter box and cat food in cat closet
These cats love their supply closet. The bottom section makes a good place to stash the litter box so that it's out of the way.

Where should you position the dog closet?

Combine the dog closet and pet built-ins with the mud room for best resale value. It can be a separate closet next to the mudroom organizer for pet clothes and supplies. But also try integrating the needs of your pets directly into sections of your mud room organizer. For example, a pet feeding station can be incorporated along the bottom next to shoe shelves or pull-out baskets. Space for a pet bed is another popular choice among homeowners. Placing the dog closet in the mud room is practical as well. Depending on the size and configuration of your mud room, you can put up a baby gate at the doorway. This transforms the space into a separate dog room when necessary. A room like this comes in handy when plumbers, HVAC, closet installers, and other service professionals visit the home.

If you lack a mud room, place your dog closet near the kitchen or back door. That way supplies will be handy when you need them.

mudroom organizer for people and pets
This mud room organizer is designed for both people and pets. Notice how there is an opening for a pet feeding station in addition to a pet bed. Or, place separate feeding stations on either end if you have multiple pets.

Create a complete dog room & cat room — feeding stations, pet shower, built-in day beds, and more.

The ultimate in the dog closet or cat supply organization is a complete room dedicated to your pets’ needs. In many homes, this space doubles as the laundry room and is located off the kitchen or next to an attached garage. Ideally, in a perfect pet room, it will be possible to close off the space with a removable baby gate. A location with access to water is also critical if you want to include a pet bathing station. An easy to mop floor is a bonus and will be especially appreciated on muddy days. And if you crate your pet, keep the crates in this room as well.

Add a narrow wardrobe style closet to the room if it lacks hanging space for any pet clothing. Be sure to include closet hooks on the sides to organize leashes. Also helpful are shelves for bags of kibble, treats, collars, cat litter, or other supplies. Use the area below your mud room bench seating for a built-in dog bed if you don't crate your pets. They'll appreciate the quiet place for daytime napping.

Cute dog sitting in built-in pet bed next to dog closet
This lux pet station has room for more than one. Located in the laundry/mud room, it's right next to the door that leads out to the dog run. There's a feeding station, clothes closet, built-in dog bed, and cushioned seating that's perfect for afternoon rest and quick naps.

A pet closet is one of those nice extras that make your house perform better for your family. After all, a home is a place for all family members including the four-legged ones. Why should closets and cabinets only serve some family members? Get your pets and their things organized today!