March 21, 2014

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Closet Blog: Taking a Closet From Dreary to Dreamy

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Custom Closet Renovation = Perfection

walk-in closet custom renovation view 3

This closet space went from Fab to Fabulous! The customer had a current plain, no frills closet in this space overlooking her gorgeous master bath. She asked that it go from Home Depot to her own personal boutique. After working with her over the years on the rest of her home, we knew what she was going for. It was a challenge, as there were a variety of angles and obstacles to deal with, we had to use every inch to our advantage to make this the perfect custom closet for her space and needs. We had to accommodate for 100+ shoes, numerous designer handbags, sports wear to formal wear, a floor safe and a vanity area. All of this and while still being practical.

We did a variety of different and difficult design features for this custom closet. We used the different ceiling heights to our advantage, by accenting them with unique crown molding features and countertops. We used clear glass inserts to give it a clean look, while keeping the open feel of the closet. The lines and detail in each area show the craftsmanship of a beautifully finished room.

Our design featured the following custom details. The island not only hosts drawers for jewelry and garments, but we also built a beautiful end piece for all the gorgeous belts and accent pieces. The shoe area wraps around a corner with ceiling height differences. We took advantage of one corner and added shoe rollouts so the shoes can be easily accessed. Shelving above the hang areas of the closet system allows the customer to not only display her designer pieces, but also serves as a dual purpose of keeping these pieces with the articles of clothing they coordinate with. We added doors to an upper corner piece, and with the help of a 180 degree hinge, the door easily flips all the way open to access the corner. We built a custom cabinet especially for a large safe, so that it can be hidden. My favorite feature is that all of the custom handles and knobs coordinate with the light fixtures, valances and bath accessories in the bath below bringing it all together - thanks to the interior designer. No detail went unnoticed.

Even though you enter through an absolutely gorgeous master bath, as you wind up the spiral staircase and enter the custom closet, words can not express how absolutely breath taking this personal boutique is. It was a long haul and a very trying space, and the end result was well worth it.