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3 Craft Office Ideas for Those with Limited Space

craft office with storage

It's hard not to feel cooped up these days. Cabin fever is a very real problem for many families. Try to set aside some time and space for a new hobby. These craft/office ideas are guaranteed to work in any size home and will give your family the DIY space they need to safely pursue new interests without getting in each other's way.

Most of us are spending a lot more time at home lately. We work from home and school from home. We also shop from home. With the approaching holiday break, many families will soon add staycations to their list of in-home activities. If you're looking for things for your family to do indoors, consider adding a craft area to your home. Don't worry if you don't have enough space and already feel like you're tripping over each other. Versatile rooms like these that can accommodate multiple activities can make your home feel bigger than it is. A place for crafty fun may be the solution your family needs now to stay safe and sane this holiday season!

Three ways to add a craft space to your home.

  1. Create a Convertable Home Office/Craft Room with a Wall Unit

    2 people working in an home office craft room combination space.
    This home office craft room combination space can accommodate two people working at once on different types of activities. The wall unit behind them includes enough organized storage to accommodate different types of activities throughout the day.

    Everyone wants a home office these days. With so many people working from home, it is a space that is truly needed — at least during office hours. But what about weekends and evenings? Wouldn't you receive more benefit if the space was multipurpose? A home office space can easily do double duty as a craft room. The key to making it all happen is in the storage. Whether you work in your craft room or craft in your home office doesn't really matter. Just make sure to add separate cabinets to store and organize your art supplies versus office/schoolwork. Doors over the shelves will conceal clutter. It doesn't even have to be a separate room. A wall of storage can easily be divided between office needs, crafting, dining, or another type of space, keeping each activity separate and organized.

  2. Get Rid of the Dedicated Guest Room & Go MultiPurpose

    Guest room and home office with craft corner.
    Combination guest room with fold away Murphy bed and home office with craft corner. Each desk can be used for study or crafting as the need arises. The space is also large enough that when the bed is closed up into the wall, there is enough floor space for dance practice or yoga workouts. How's that for versatility?

    Hardly anyone has the luxury of space where an entire room can be shut up and used only once or twice a year. Unfortunately, this is the fate of most guest rooms. For the majority of us, the better way to use guest space is as a multifunctional area that can serve several needs. And custom built-ins can do just that. Take your space from home office, to spare bedroom, to exercise room, to craft space in the blink of an eye. Use a hidden Murphy bed for sleeping when guests arrive but put the space to use for work and/or play the rest of the time.

  3. Finish Your Attic or Basement

    Dedicated art and craft room in the attic.
    Dedicated art and craft room in the attic. The funny slanted ceilings are not a problem because the artist/crafter will be sitting when under the ceiling's slope.

    Basements and attics are often the only unclaimed spaces left in a home. If they aren't already finished it can be a bit more work to get them usable. But it's often well-worth the expense and effort. And it's economical too because it costs less than a room addition. Even if the ceiling is a bit on the low side, the space is often suitable as a loft work area. After all, when it comes to crafting, you are most likely going to be sitting down anyway. Just make sure you have a couple of feet clearance overhead. You'll need professionals to open up the ceiling and finish your attic/loft. After that, you'll want a good table, lighting, and some shelves or cabinets for craft storage.

  4. Seen enough craft/office ideas to convince you?

    There are numerous reasons to create a craft office in your home. Not least of these is that multipurpose spaces can make your home feel larger. We all might also benefit from having a few hobbies to distract us during these turbulent times. Transform your home office, den, or guest room when it's not in use into a fun space the whole family can enjoy. Just make sure you have the right storage system to keep all the functions separate and organized. And if you want any help, remember that Closet Works can help you create the kind of space that makes it all work.