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Interior Color Trends 2018

Palettes with Purpose for the New Year

Minimalism — including neutrals, metallics, and pops of vivicious, intense hues are some of the interior color and style predictions of 2018. With 2017 collectively felt as a trying year, it is time to take a step back so that we can make greater strides forward in the new year. Minimialism does not have to imply regression, but rather a "quality over quantity" philosophy and an admiration of the beauty of simplicity and new beginnings — especially when introducing a vibrant hue or metallic shade as a partner in your palette rather than an attention-domineering force. As translated over into everyday life, letting go of what weighs us down only presents more opportunities for positive growth, new outlooks and possibilities. Let's take a further look into our trending themes for 2018 that are sure to be a breath of fresh air for the new year.

  1. Showcasing Style Through Neutrals
    In essence, neutrals are minimalistic from the get-go — establishing a highly agreeable, common ground for all walks of interior styling. Neutrals can be described as constant style reassurance for going well with almost all shades and colors. You can nearly never go wrong with a neutral and this is the reason we are so in love with them! Neutrals can be used themselves as a color palette, but they also allow us to mix and match decor that is everchanging with the seasons throughout the year. A neutral color palette not only allows artwork, photographs, and mementos to stand out, but offers us comfort and security that we'll always be perfectly matching, no matter the plethora of accent colors in the room. Closet Works offers over 55 neutral finishes and color choices that can be used as your personal style canvas — even including a finish called "Canvas," meant to emulate an artist's playground.

    canvas TFL walk in closet system
    Walk-in closet in Canvas laminate See Color Details >
    neutral colors in walk through closet system
    Neutral palette in walk through closet See Project >
  2. Make Way for Sage
    On the topic of neutrals, one hue in particular is making headway in 2018 as an interior trend — sage. Sage is commonly known as an aromatic herb with a bitter, yet warm flavor. A lesser known definition of sage is a person revered for their wisdom. Either interpretation expresses sage as stimulating to intellect and the senses. The soft, desaturated green color of sage is unquestionably intriguing due to its outward subtlety but philosophical depth. Whereas PANTONE®'S 2017 color of the year, Greenery, was an obvious depiction of vitality and passion, Sage introduces a personal revival through calmness and profundity. As a new neutral, sage is an exciting discovery for lovers of earthtones to look further beyond shades of grey. Much like trying a new recipe, sage is great for expanding stylistic horizons and invigorating your personal tastes.

    sage colored walls for laundry cabinets
    Sage laundry room walls From the Portfolio of Nicole Cohen >
  3. Metallics as Neutrals
    Metallics are often seen as an "all or nothing" style choice due to their dramatic luster that demands attention. Introducing a metallic as a neutral or accent can place it on a level playing field with its neighboring colors to complete a harmonious palette. There is an undeniable wow factor that still exists when using a metallic, but a balanced application makes sure it is never overbearing, or obnoxious, to say the least. Closet Works offers a variety of high gloss laminate finishes that can be used as a neutrals — adding sparkle and shine while blending perfectly with the rest of your decor.

    metallic silver closet island
    Silver closet island See Color Details >
    metallic silver closet cabinets
    Silver cabinets See Color Details >
  4. Pops of Intense Hues
    An accent of a bright color brings a vivacious burst of energy that is neither arrogant nor overwhelming. There is always an element of surprise with pops of intense hues that guide our eyes all around the room to admire the palette in its entirety. These intense colors can represent our inner desires and passions we held back in the past years, as we are surrounded by neutrals to keep us grounded. Rather than a palette of analogous pastels (a previous style-favorite), we've moved on to greater means of self expression while maintaining a sense of humility through the partial use of these powerful, vivid colors.

    red accent color in black and white room
    Red accents for home office with wall bed See Project >

    accent colors in walk in closet
    Bright pink and orange accent colors in walk in closet See Project >