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Wallpaper Ideas for Walk-In Closets

This walk-in closet dressing room uses wallpaper to customize the space
This closet includes an elegant vanity area next to the window. Wallpaper in a traditional pattern and a simple chandelier personify the owner's aesthetic and convey her preference for an elegant, chateau-inspired design theme.

When actor Gregg Sulkin and his longtime girlfriend, actress Michelle Randolph, decided to make it official by moving in together, one of the first things they did to turn "his place" into "their place" was a complete closet remodel for Michelle. Take a look at the beautiful walk-in closet and dressing room that Gregg organized for her. Designed and manufactured by Closet Works, it rivals the most luxurious of celebrity closets.

The Way to a Woman's Heart is Through Her Closet

An organized home is a happy home. At least that’s how Gregg and Michelle felt when they decided to turn this former bedroom/office into a private dressing room retreat for Michelle. The spare bedroom was located next to the master suite. Gregg has previously done extensive remodeling to his home and the space was already prepped and ready to accept the new closet. The couple knew what they wanted. They had an inspirational photo saved from Pinterest that represented the upscale minimalist look they love. The challenge was to find a custom closet company equal to the task of making their ideas into a reality.

The couple had a few requirements. Gregg Sulkin and Michelle Randolph were determined to accept only high-quality materials and finishes for this job. They wanted to work with an experienced company and a closet designer who would listen to their ideas. For example, shelves for shoes were very important. And the designer should be able to add her own suggestions and expertise to the project. She needed to go beyond simple execution of a photo and be prepared for a true collaboration of ideas. They found all this with the custom closet designers from Closet Works.

Small dressing room closet
This home office was previously a walk-in closet. It's a great example demonstrating how horizontal stripes can widen an otherwise tiny room.

The Closet Remodel Process

We asked Gregg for his thoughts about the project. He was happy to share his experience on the closet remodel process for Michelle’s walk-in closet and dressing room.

Walk-in closet with wallpaper on the ceiling
This master walk-in sticks to all white for the structure and closet organizer pieces. However, it's anything but boring. The owner applied metallic gray and silver wallpaper with a salamander pattern to the ceiling to express her personality and preferences. As a bonus, the metallic tone reflects a lot of light and helps keep the space bright.

Q: Why did you select Closet Works over the many available closet companies?

A: We decided early on to go with a custom closet company for this project. We also started this process in the middle of the pandemic. It was so much easier to collaborate online with a designer and have everything shipped directly to our home rather than face-to-face contact. And it was pretty easy to narrow down the possible contenders because there aren’t very many online closet companies that offer the high-end finishes and quality that we were looking for. In the end, Closet Works was able to check all our boxes to get the job done.

Walk-in closet with neutral wallpaper on one wall
This walk-in closet uses neutral wallpaper in a wispy pattern behind the hanging areas of the back wall. It provides a little added texture and interest in an otherwise plain white closet.

Use Texture to Your Advantage

If patterns aren’t your style, you can always use textured wallpaper to make an impact. For instance, grass cloth wallpaper can add depth to your closet while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

Closeup of a man hanging wallpaper
Neutral grass cloth adds texture and interest to a wall without creating a lot of visual "noise." Use it when you want to add character and depth while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

Adding wallpaper to your walk-in closet can be fun, surprising, and easy on the budget. With these helpful closet wallpaper ideas, you’re sure to find a print that adds some personality to your space.

Have you found some wallpaper ideas for walk-in closets?

If you’re looking to add more character to your closet, Closet Works can help. Since 1987, we’ve been designing and manufacturing unique storage solutions for the home. And Closet Works is now a proud member of The Container Store family of companies. Whether you need a custom closet or organizational system for your bedroom, we can provide a solution that suits your needs.

To learn more about our custom closet capabilities, reach out to us today.