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Is a Wall Bed or Murphy Bed Right for my Home?

The Options and Benefits of Different Types of Hidden Beds:

It's easy to understand why more and more people are getting in on the recent hidden bed trend. The practicalities — and space saving benefits — of hidden beds appeal more than ever to those who want or need rooms with multiple uses such as a home office that can also be used as the occasional guest room. With the cost of housing increasing on average twice as fast as wages across the United States Source: New York Post, most people want to use every bit of the space in their homes to its fullest potential. Having spaces that do double duty fills that need very nicely.

Housing prices are generally calculated on a "per square foot" basis, so being able to do more with less space offers immediate returns for the new home buyer as well as current homeowners who want to maximize what they already have before taking the plunge into a room addition or larger, more expensive home.

There are numerous types of hidden beds, but they all fall into six basic categories, each with different benefits, comfort levels and price points.

  1. The sofa bed.
  2. The wall bed.
    • Vertical wall bed
    • Horizontal wall bed
  3. The slide bed.
  4. The loft bed.
  5. The day bed.
  6. The fold away cot.

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double hang section of organized closet
Double hang closet rods are one of the fastest ways to increase clothing storage in the closet.
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closet with center penninsula
Integrating a closet penninsula into the center of the closet provides more vertical storage than a closet island and offers a way to definitively divide the closet into his and hers sections.
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telescoping pull out tie organizer closet accessory
Closet accessories like this tie organizer increase convenience, accessibility and overall storage in the closet.
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supplemental armoire built outside the closet to increase total storage
A supplemental armoire style wardrobe unit built outside the closet in the bedroom handles all the shoe storage and provides shelves and drawers for all the folded clothing. This way, the main closet can be used exclusively as hanging space, increasing overall closet storage capacity. LED closet lighting provides a dramatic, yet functional presentation of the space.
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electronic closet pull down rod for double medium hang section
Pull down closet rods allow longer garments to be stored on hangers in a double hang configuration and really maximize that vertcal real estate.
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organized closet built to 84 inches height with top shelf for bulky storage
Building the closet system to 84 inches so that the top sits below the ceiling and functions as an unencumbered shelf creates storage opportunities for bulky items like big round hat boxes, boxed wedding dresses, luggage and winter blankets.
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organized closet built to 84 inches height with top shelf for bulky storage
Including hooks for caps, purses and other items allows small alcoves and the backs of doors to be utilized for storage.
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adding a jewelry drawer organizer keeps jewelry safe and tangle free
Drawer dividers like this acrylic jewelry organizer divide up the drawer so that even tiny items like rings and necklaces stay neat, organized and protected.
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built in ironing board
The little things matter. This built in ironing board can be conveniently folded out of the closet whenever wrinkles are a problem and touch ups are needed.
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