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Closet Vanity Ideas

Walk-in closet with vanity table built-in

The market for luxury custom closets continues to increase. As part of this trend, the master closet with makeup vanity integrated into the design has become very popular. When used with a mirror above the table and good lighting, the closet vanity is both luxurious and practical. It provides a comfortable place to sit and fix your hair and makeup without having to deal with humidity from the bathroom or the possibility of disturbing a sleeping partner. Lighting, cabinets, and drawers with dividers to organize cosmetics are some of the features homeowners crave for their vanity in a closet. Get inspired by these ideas and create your own makeup vanity in a closet.

Take your closet to the next level with an integrated closet vanity!

The closet vanity is part of an overall trend towards luxury walk-in closets. The master closet is transformed into a complete dressing room through the addition of a built-in table that allows for putting on make-up and styling hair. More than just a storage facility, these master closet dressing rooms provide a cohesive environment conducive to getting yourself ready. They are often located near a master bath or en suite for added convenience. But even homeowners who don't have an attached master bath crave closets with built-in vanities. And it's easy to see why! Take a look at these examples. Then get inspired with ideas you can use in your own closet to take it to the next level of luxury and functionality.

  1. Contemporary Closet Vanity with Extra Amenities

    built-in closet vanity for putting on makeup
    This contemporary built-in vanity table for a closet with a mirror and closet lighting is used for putting on makeup or styling hair. Notice the built-in storage and velvet-lined pull-outs designed to prevent lipstick and mascara from rolling off onto the floor.

    There's a closet vanity that's perfect for every style closet. This one is part of a contemporary design that sports clean, elegant lines. Amenities include a flip-up USB charging station and electrical outlet with electrical outlet for your phone and small accessories. Velvet-lined pull-out tables add extra countertop space and prevent slick cosmetics from rolling or sliding off the table. The lower right cabinet is actually a pull-out electrical station with integrated storage for the hairdryer and curling iron. The lower left cabinet houses a concealed pull-out garbage can. The countertop of this vanity is flanked by two towering cabinets with glass shelves and door. Inside, an LED lighting system keeps everything in the cabinets well-lit. Even the mirror over the vanity table is lit up so you can see what you're doing. Putting on makeup or styling hair is easy — even at night.

  2. Traditional Elegance

    master walk-in closet with closet vanity.
    This built-in closet vanity is situated next to a large window. It is part of a combination master closet dressing room. The rest of the closet includes shelves, hanging space and a built-in closet dresser. A 360 Organizer® rotating shoe storage system fills a corner on the opposite end of the closet.

    This closet vanity was designed with a traditional French Châteauesque aesthetic in mind. A gold-toned chandelier complements the traditional toile-inspired vine pattern in the wallpaper. It is situated next to a large window to add natural light when applying makeup. The owner uses a magnifying mirror on the countertop, but there is plenty of room to add a bigger mirror above the vanity table. Two small drawers provide storage for makeup and other toiletries. A larger drawer offers storage for small appliances like a blow dryer and flat iron. The countertop is ample enough to accommodate a mirrored tray of perfumes and colognes in antique bottles. Who wouldn't feel like a princess with a dressing room like this?

  3. Versatile Built-In Vanity Table or Desk for Closet

    Large closet hutch with open shelves above the countertop
    This walk-in closet has a built-in closet vanity with cabinets above the countertop. Below the countertop is an opening for a chair flanked by two sets of three storage drawers. At only 16-inches deep, it doesn't take up much space in the closet. But it provides a lot of functionality and workspace appreciated by both homeowners.

    A closet vanity can be more than a place to put on makeup and style hair. In fact, their popularity is surging with both men and women! The Covid19 pandemic and need to work from has fueled this demand. After all, is there any place in your home as quiet or as conducive to getting work done than inside your closet? A vanity table inside a walk-in closet can double as a desk in a pinch. And many have done just that! Work-from-home requirements demand multiple home offices for many couples. The walk-in closet with vanity can provide that extra space. And it still works as a space to do hair and makeup outside of business hours.

  4. Modern Floating Closet Vanity

    Floating closet vanity for putting on makeup inside the closet
    Get ready each morning in style! This walk-in closet features a built-in vanity table. The custom table is attached to the wall with under-mounted brackets for support. The end look is both stylish and functional.

    A lady's vanity and dressing table is a very traditional idea. But this one is far from traditional in design! The style is very modern in the way it is suspended from the wall without table legs or lower supports. Two decorative brackets hold up this vanity table in the closet. Even though it doesn't extend to the floor, the vanity still has room for two large drawers to hold cosmetics and toiletries. The square lines of the table are softened by a large oval mirror above the table and the curved silhouette of the pink chair. The vanity table is located next to a closet window. A small built-in dresser beneath the window provides additional drawer storage for the homeowner's things.

  5. Freestanding Vanity in a Closet

    Closet dressing room with freestanding vanity table
    This closet includes a freestanding vanity against one wall. Rather than designing a built-in vanity to match the closet, these closet built-ins were designed to complement the owner's existing favorite piece of furniture — a gorgeous metallic vanity table.

    Even if you don't want to remodel your entire closet, you still might be able to squeeze in a closet vanity. Look for a space where you can add a piece of furniture to the closet. It doesn't have to be a large table. Pick put a piece that fits your space. Do you have an unused wall beneath a window? Or perhaps you can remove some of the lower shelves in one of the closet shelving sections to accommodate a chair and table. Hidden, pull-out tables also work well as small closet makeup vanity.

Closet Vanity Benefits

Closet vanities provide a slew of advantages coveted by the average homeowner. They can help convert your closet space into a private refuge. When equipped with mirrors and lighting, they provide a luxurious space to put on makeup, style hair, and apply other toiletries. In a pinch, your quiet walk-in closet with vanity table can do double duty as a private home office. It's easy to understand why so many people gravitate to the walk-in closet with vanity table over traditional storage-only closets. It's the kind of extravagance that many feels are worth every dime. Why not treat yourself to a bit of luxury in your own life with a built-in vanity table for your closet?