Closet Blog: How To Stay Organized This Holiday Season

Shoe Cubbies Offer Christmas Decorating Ideas
Shoe and wine cubbies add holiday cheer with simple staging

Lingerie dividers protect fragile ornaments
Lingerie dividers come out of the drawer to protect fragile ornaments after the holidays

Use Closet Organizers to Display and Store Your Holiday Decor Without Cluttering Your Space

Tis the season to be jolly... Along with good food and an abunance of holiday cheer often comes a plethora of nic nacs and decorations. In some households, the desire to create family memories and celebrate the joy of the season comes to the forefront with numerous decorations cluttering coffee tables banisters and more. For others who may have downsized recently, disappointment may be felt when not all the ornaments and holiday decorations can be put out on display — or when they are put on display and fragile, treasured ornaments get broken. To solve this problem, take advantage of your the closet organizers you already have or invest in new ones. Closet organizers like shoe cubbies and wine cubes are a perfect solution to help spread the holiday cheer without adding a lot of clutter or taking up space. Special ornaments can be neatly and interestingly displayed in your wine cube or shoe cubbies. The look is somewhat novel, but very stylish. What's more, holiday decorations are the perfect excuse for needing to free up space in your wine cubbies by imbibing with friends and family.

Lingerie dividers can be taken out of the drawer and used in a similar manner for smaller decorations. They have the added benefit of providing protection for ornaments and breakable decorations after the holidays — lingerie dividers can be used in boxes as well as drawers. They provide excellent protection against the breakage of ornaments.

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