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Closet Mirrors

How to Use Closet Mirrors in Your Custom Closet Design to Transform a Ho-Hum Storage Area into a Glamorous Dressing Room

Add closet mirrors to your custom closet design

Get more from your bedroom closet by including closet mirrors in the design.

You've heard of using "smoke and mirrors" to create an illusion. Why not bring that magic into your own home? A good place to start is the closet. Adding closet mirrors to your bedroom closet can increase its functionality and appeal, taking the space to the next level. It can even add resale value when part of a new custom closet overhaul.

Interior vs. Exterior Closet Mirrors

Interior vs. exterior closet mirrors
Mirrors used on exterior bedroom closet doors versus an interior closet cabinet door in a custom walk-in closet.

There are two kinds of mirrors used with closets — those mounted to the outside of the closet door and mirrors used on the inside of the closet. They provide different functions. Mirrors are more commonly used on the exterior of closet doors to brighten the available light in the room and visually expand the bedroom. Closet mirrors can also be used inside the closet, however. Depending on the size and location, they can provide everything from a convenient place to put on earrings, a way to check your clothes before heading out, to a full 3-way mirror experience like those provided by high end clothing stores. They brighten and visually expand what is usually a small, dark space crammed with clothing and accessories making the closet feel lighter and more open.

woman puts on earrings in front of closet mirror
This built-in closet dresser with mirror above the countertop adds convenience and visual appeal to this walk-through closet and creates a convenient spot to put on earrings.

Go From Mere Closet to a Dressing Room with a 3-Way Mirror

Walk-in closet with 3-way mirror made from cabinet doors
The mirrored doors in this walk-in closet make it function as more of a dressing room than just a storage area.

Whether you have a selection of glamorous evening wear or a collection of "skinny clothes" that you keep around as a goal, most of us have clothes or accessories in our closets that are only worn occasionally. Group these items together into one or two sections of the closet. No matter whether the items are stored on shelving or hanging, you can cover the area with mirrored cabinet doors. (Hanging sections will need closet organizers that are a minimum of 20 inches deep in order to accommodate the hangers). If you have three sections next to each other that are covered by the mirrored doors, they can function as a 3-way mirror by partially opening the two doors on either end and standing in front of the closed middle mirror.

4 Great Places to Add Closet Mirrors in a Bedroom Closet

In addition to creating separate cabinets within the closet by covering shelves and hanging sections with mirrored doors, there are other ideal places to use closet mirrors.

  • Closet Dresser or Hutch

    Add mirrors over a built-in closet dresser or above the countertop of a closet hutch. This will not be a full-length mirror for examining clothes, but will be a great for accessorizing. If you include closet lighting over your mirror, it can even be used for putting on make-up or shaving with an electric razor.
    Built-in dresser with closet mirror
    This built in dresser at the entrance to a walk-in closet has a mirror above it. The addition of LED closet lighting and its location across from the bathroom makes it a perfect spot to touch up make-up or tye a tie.
  • Side of a Closet Island

    Shoe stores have used this trick for many years by placing mirrors low to the floor. Add mirrors to the side of a closet island. Even though they are low to the floor, they are really convenient and perfect for checking your shoes. It will also reflect light in an often dark space.
    Built-in dresser with closet mirror
    Put a mirror at the end of a closet island like this. It makes a great spot for viewing footwear — just like a shoe store!
  • Cabinet Door to Hide a Safe

    We've already discussed putting a mirrored door over a set of shelves in your walk-in closet to create a good place to store infrequently worn clothes while preventing them from getting dusty. Another good use of a mirrored closet cabinet door is to hide the contents of the cabinet. A mirror can hide the fact that there is a door on a flush mounted cabinet, looking like it is just hung on the wall. Use it to discreetly cover drawers containing your jewelry collection or a closet safe.
    Mirrored cabinet with safe
  • Across from a Window to Reflect Light

    Many closets are dark, cramped spaces. They are hardly what you think of a luxury dressing space. However, adding a closet mirror can serve to both brightened the room with natural light and make it seem visually larger, therefore, less crowded. Any size mirror can be used to accomplish this, but you will reflect the most light with the largest mirror. A full-length mirror is recommended if you have enough empty wall space to handle one. If you can't seem to find a mirror that fits, have one custom cut for your closet. Mirrors are relatively inexpensive. Any paint and glass store, plus some full-service hardware stores, would be happy to cut one for you to size.
    Full-length mirror in a closet across from bathroom window
    This closet has a mirror located directly across from a bright bathroom window to reflect light into the dark, windowless closet space. Because it's a closet, you don't really have to worry about compromising privacy in the bathroom.

Homeowners prefer bright, well-organized closets in the master bedroom. After all, they give the impression that the home has ample storage space — something everyone wants. There has never been anyone who said they wished their home had less room for storing things. Even those who are downsizing crave maximum storage capacity when searching for a new home. And when it comes to mirrors, no one likes a house is too dark or dingy. Very few if any complain that a home is too bright and cheerful.

These reasons alone might drive you to consider upgrading your closets. Putting in upscale features will make the home more pleasant for you now and more desirable when you decide to sell. Add in the fact that mirrors are relatively inexpensive and it's a wonder that everyone isn't putting in more closet mirrors. Try adding a mirror to your closet to brighten the space, visually increase its size, and add convenience. Combine it with a complete custom closet re-design to increase your marketability at resale. But mostly, just enjoy your closet. Use it for more than just storage. An organized closet can be a place to get dressed or undressed at the end of the day and simply decompress from life's stresses. Go easy on yourself! Get a new closet. After all, everything is easier when you're organized.