Closet Blog: Dealing with Difficult Spaces in Closet Design

closet design solution for room with angled and sloped ceiling

Closet Design Solutions From Any Angle

A Walk-In closet space is fun for any closet designer to design. It's also fun for any client to have as a place to call "home" for their wardrobe.

And when the space is square or rectangle with a standard eight or nine foot ceiling and few or no obstacles — all the better.

But angles make things more complicated because angles typically equal more difficult accessibility.

Think about the attic in your grandparents home. You know, the one you used to love to sneak up to and play hide and seek in? They probably had lots of boxes shoved in to the corners that you could hide behind. Which is fun.

But having to access items on a daily basis in a location like that can be "back-aching" and frustrating. You wouldn't want to have to go looking for wardrobe favorites on a daily basis that were stored like that.

So what to do if you have a closet space that has angled ceilings?

Closet Works designer Zena Hallman created a great solution for a Chicago area client by properly designing shelves and hanging into the space while allowing proper access. She used her excellent space planning skills and years of experience to really maximize the space for her client. And she'd be happy to do the same for yours!

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