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Design Tip: Use Closet Cubby Organizers

Closet cubby organizer

Cubbies Offer Versatile Storage for Closet Designs

Use a closet cubby organizer in your pantry, mud room, wine cellar, bedroom or linen closet. You will be surprised at how much organized storage can be gained by incorporating this simple, time-tested solution to organization around the home.

antique desk and mail sorter with cubbies
Antique mail sorter desks like this one have inspired many closet cubby organizer storage solutions over the years. It uses cubbies for sorting the mail. Source:

Cubbies have been a common storage and organization solution for many years. They were originally used in pioneer post offices and old hotels as a great way to sort mail.

Today, the ubiquitous closet cubby organizer is used for much more than mail sorting. Everything from shoes to wine, towels, and of course, papers are stored in cubbies. Teachers have long recognized the benefits of cubbies. We see them in kindergarten classrooms across the country as a way to keep students organized.

Teachers are not the only ones to recognize the versatile organization opportunities provided by the cubby. Cubbies are one of the dominant types of organizers used in custom closet design. They are especially useful for shoes, purses, wine bottles, and linens.

Closet Cubby Organizer for Shoes

Cubbies work great for organizing shoes. Assign one pair per cubby. Adult shoes should be stored on their sides, alternating front to back. This reflects the way new shoes are stored in the box. Children's shoes are small enough that they can be stored soles down. The benefit of the shoe cubby over other types of shoe organizers is that each pair of shoes is stored individually in a heavy-duty covered container. This protects the shoes and reduces dust. Leave the front open, allowing the leather in the shoes to breathe, thus keeping it supple.

Use cubbies for organizing shoes
Incorporate shoe cubbies into your closet design. Notice how each pair is stored together, reducing the chance that the shoes could become separated or one shoe lost.

Closet Cubby Organizer for Purses

Use cubbies for storing your small purses and accessories. They will keep handbags and clutches in an upright position, protecting them from dirt and damage by ultra-violet light. Add a door to the front, enclosing the cubbies behind cabinet doors. The doors will further increase protection from sunlight and dirt.

Closet cubby organizer for purses
Use a closet cubby organizer for purses. It will keep them protected and clean as well as organized.

Cubbies for Belts

Use small cubbies as a belt organizer. Build them into a wall or the side of a cabinet such as a closet island. Roll your belts. Then, add one rolled belt per cubby. It's a good way to put a belt buckle collection on display while keeping your belts organized.

Closet cubby organizer for belts
Use a closet cubby organizer for belts with large belt buckles. This one is built into the side of a closet island. It functions as a display areas as well as functional storage.

Cubbies for Towels and Linens

Are you plagued by a messy, overstuffed linen closet? Fix the problem by replacing shelves with cubbies. Use the closet cubby for both towels and sheet sets. Fold towels in half lengthwise to a 12-inch width. Roll the towel and stash in a cubby. The same can be done with sheet sets. Using the flat sheet on the outside to hold everything together, fold each set of bed linens lengthwise to a 12-inch width and then roll. Place each rolled set into a cubby.

Closet cubby organizer for towels
Use a cubby to organize all the towels and other linens in your closet, thus keeping everything neatly rolled and ready for use.

Pantry Cubbies for Wine and Bottles

Cubbies are a good solution to wine bottle storage. Use them to organize your pantry, wine cellar, or beverage center. Each cube will hold one to two bottles, depending on size. Cubbies are perfect for long-term storage of wine. The interior of the cubby blocks light, thus preventing damage to the wine. Bottles in cubbies are stored on their sides, therefore, the corks remain moist. This keeps air out. This type of storage also prevents the glass bottles from rolling around and breaking. As a result, it is a safer way to store all glass bottles. However, be sure to use only high-quality cubbies built with cams rather than dowels for wine bottle storage. Bottles are heavy and need the extra support provided by a cam rather than doweled construction.

Cubbies for wine
The construction of the cubby keeps each bottle safe, moist, and dark, thus rendering them perfect for long-term storage.

Closet Cubby Organizers

In conclusion, cubbies are an excellent addition to almost any type of closet. They store each item individually, thereby enforcing tidy organization of the closet or shelves. They protect the items stored in them from damage caused by light and dirt. Cubbies are inherently strong and can thus prevent breakage of glass bottles. They are an especially popular solution to shoe organization, purse, belt, and wine storage. Children also prefer them, are accustomed to them from school, and are therefore more likely to use them as a place for shoes and backpacks. Add cubbies to your design when you need to keep areas like kid's closets or mud rooms neat and clean. Try them in your home office, bedroom closet, pantry, and linen closet to keep your home organized. You'll be pleased with the simplicity of the design and ultimate result that closet cubby organizers can bring to your home.