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The Options When Choosing Storage for Bikes:

Bike Racks for Garage, Bike Wall Racks, Bike Stands, and the Overhead Bicycle Storage Hoist

Whether you are a serious cyclist with a high end assortment of bicycles for different types of terrain, or just a family with a bicycle for every child, bikes can take up a lot of room in the garage or home. Adding some type of indoor storage system will help you get organized and reclaim some of the space taken up by the bicyles. Quality indoor storage can even prolong the life of your bike, as opposed to just leaving it outdoors in the elements. Organization is always a good idea and bicyles are no exception to this rule. Storage for bikes can be divided into three basic types of systems: bike racks or bike stands that sit on the floor, bike wall racks, and overhead storage for bicycles including bicycle storage hoists.

bicycles in messy garage
One thing always leads to another. Allowing the bicycles to sit in a disorganized pile is the beginning of a slippery downward slope effecting overall tidiness of the whole space. It almost always ensures that the bikes will fill the entire garage leaving room for little else, and causing the whole space to become a mess.

organized garage with bicycles
Organizing the bicycles can be the first and most crucial step towards total garage organization.

Floor Based Bike Racks and Bike Stands

Floor/ground based bike racks are the most common type of bicycle organization. Commercial outdoor bike racks fall into this category. There are several indoor bike stands as well that sit on the ground and are made for residential use. They are similar to commercial units in function, but most only accept two bikes rather than many. The advantage to using a stand rather than parking the bikes willy-nilly all over the place is that your bicycles will always be put away where they belong, freeing up floor space for other purposes — like the car. Floor bike racks can store the bikes either horizontally or vertically. Vertical storage will take up less room, but horizontal storage will allow children to put their own bikes away — a definite advantage.

bike stand and bike racks
This example shows both a vertical and a horizontal bike stand. They are easy to assemble and both rely on gravity to keep the unit together and secure the bicycles. It is easy to see how the vertical unit will take up less space on the garage floor. It is also a good solution when the bikes need to be stored inside an apartment or house that lacks a garage. The stand can be located near the back door and the bikes simply "hung up" when you enter, similar to a jacket or hat. The horizontal bike stand functions similarly to an outdoor bike rack and is the easiest type of bike storage for children to use. Bicycles can be parked facing the same way or in opposing directions as shown above.

Bike Wall Racks

Wall racks/hooks are another way to go on bike storage. Often part of a larger wall track garage organization system, bike wall racks and bike hooks keep the bicycles completely off off the floor, yet are convenient enough to be used on an everyday basis. The wall track organization system will usually also include storage for garden tools, sports equipment and many other items. This can be a definite bonus to overall garage organization. The bicycles can either hang from a hook by the tire, or they can be hung from the bar on a rack — similar to the way bikes are often hung off racks on the trunk of a car while traveling. Both types of bike hook are generally considered to be an accessory to the greater wall track system. The right hook for you will depend on what other items need to be stored along the wall to maximize total storage space. This type of garage storage for bikes will usually work well with tricycles and children's toys.

bike wall racks
The Omni Track wall track system is made from sturdy aluminum and offers many different types of hooks and racks for organizing garage contents. This example shows one bicycle hung from a standard bike hook by its front tire. It also shows a bicycle stored flat against the wall using the "hose hook" accessory.

Overhead Hooks and Bicycle Storage Hoist

Ceiling storage is often underutilized in many garage organization projects, yet it is the best way to get things completely out of the way since both the floor and wall can be kept clear. Ceiling storage can be as simple as an overhead hook that hangs the bike by its tire, or a more elaborate bicycle storage hoist. Ceiling hooks for bicycles are usually attached to another overhead storage rack so that they can be accessed without a ladder. This is the simplest type of overhead bike storage. To get the bike close to the ceiling so that it is completely up and out of the way, however, you need a bicycle storage hoist. The bike hoist works on a pulley system, allowing the user to raise and lower the bicycle with ease. A high quality bike hoist will hold up to 75 pounds and can raise the bike as high as 12 feet off the floor. This makes it great for high ceilings. With this type of system, pulleys are attached to the ceiling. Cables/ropes with hooks on the end are fed through the pulley, allowing anything attached to the hooks to be raised and lowered. The ends of the cables must be tethered to the wall when the bicycle is raised to keep it from falling down. This is achieved through another hook attached to the wall. It sounds somewhat complicated, but is really very simple to use and people who have these love them.

bicycle storage hoist
An overhead bicycle storage hoist is perfect for the cycling enthusiast who keeps several bicyles for different terrain or an everyday bicycle versus a competition bicycle. The less frequently used bike can be lifted away so that it takes up no space at all. This type of garage storage for bikes is often used in combination with other types of bike storage that are more easily accessible by children for everyday use.

There are a number of different bike racks and organization systems with garage storage for bikes on the market. Your best choice will depend on how many bikes you need to store, how frequently you use them, and the ages of the bike owners who will need to be able to put their bicycles away. Each type of bike rack has advantages and disabvantages. If you choose wisely, however, you will be rewarded with extra space and storage capacity in your garage or home. Think of all the space you gain from better organization as a way to increase usable square footage in your home without the expense, mess or tax increase that accompanies a traditional room addition. The benefits from having a more organized home will amaze you, and will certainly pay off when it comes time to sell. Everyone prefers the home that is tidy and organized!