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Ideas for Home Bar and Beverage Center

A Built-In Beverage and Wine Center Prepares Your Home For Easy Entertaining

The holidays are quickly approaching, and with them comes a surge in at home entertaining. Incorporating a new wine cabinet or home bar can help make hosting holiday events a snap. There are two types of home bars/beverage centers to consider — the wet bar or the dry bar. The difference between these two types is that the wet bar includes a sink with running water and the dry bar does not. Either can organize all your drink and beverage needs into a single area, creating an anchor for your home entertainment needs, and helping ensure that your holiday parties are a success.

There are many types of home bar solutions on the market in the form of ready-made furniture and cabinets. These may work well in certain situations, but none can equal the seamless integration into your floor plan, or the storage potential of a custom built-in beverage and wine center for your home.

Any empty wall, unused closet or corner can be transformed into a custom beverage center. Empty hallways are a favorite place to locate a new custom wine wall or other beverage center. A built-in cabinet can be designed to fill the vertical space of the wall, while taking up very little floor space. Most wall units for wine are only 12.75 inches deep. This is enough to allow bottles of wine to be stored horizontally, ensuring the corks don't dry out. The wine cabinet can run floor to ceiling, offering a lot of storage. With the right design, the cabinetry and bottles will function like art, creating a colorful display for the wall or room. Many homeowners will remodel a closet into a beverage center. Either a walk-in closet or reach-in closet can serve as a beverage center, but the reach-in or "wall closet" is the more popular renovation.

Designs and Ideas for Home Bar

Bar designs for the home are created in multiple ways. Everything from a narrow wall unit installed along a hallway, a small closet that gets repurposed as a wine center, a rotating beverage center system designed to fit in an unused corner, to the traditional wet bar with counter and bar stools has the potential to be used as a home bar. It's all dependant on finding the right design for the available space in the home.

1. Hallway Beverage Center Example:

hallway beverage and wine center
This family loves their wine. The custom wine wall holds 332 bottles of their favorite libation in the open storage. It includes additional cabinets and a beverage refrigerator below the countertop for even more liquor storage. This beverage and wine center was installed in a hallway off the main living area. It replaced a large reach-in closet, creating a place for family and guests alike to refill their refreshements and freely enjoy the hospitality offered by the homeowner. The space is slightly recessed from the main hallway due to the fact it was once a closet. Replacing the closet with the beverage center opened up the area so that it feels more like an annex off the living room rather than a narrow hallway. See Project >

2. Closet Conversion & Corner Beverage Center Examples:

beverage and wine center installed in a converted coat closet
This beverage and wine center was once a reach-in coat closet. Located near the main living area, it was the perfect spot to create a central beverage area for the homeowner's entertaining needs. From the portfolio of Teri Magee >
Rotating beverage and wine center
This small corner beverage and wine center uses only 31.5 inches of floor space. It rotates like a Lazy Susan, exposing storage for barware and glasses with a small countertop on one side, a series of shelves on the opposite side, and horizontally stored wine bottles on the other two sides. See More >

The advantage of the dry bar over the wet bar is that it can go anywhere, with no need for water supply and drainage lines. You don't necessarily need to include a countertop with bar stools in your new beverage/wine bar either. Omitting the seating will provide a greater space for your wine cooler and other beverage storage needs. Seating means you must leave the area under the countertop open to allow for leg room rather than utilizing it for storage space. A beverage center with no seating is frequently the better solution at cocktail parties — the lack of bar stools has the added benefit that it may also encourage your guests to walk around and mingle more with each other.

Home bars with bar stools can be convenient, however, for smaller gatherings where everyone might easily sit in a tight group and chat. The configuration is similar to that of a neighborhood pub with storage against one wall (with or without a wet area or sink), and a large counter with bar stools in front. 36 inches minimum between the wall unit and the counter is standard and allows for one person to walk comfortably. This home bar arrangement will require more space than the more compact beverage center that is located against a wall only. Homeowners will commonly put this type of home bar in a basement, den or "man cave," where it can dominate the space and become the focus of the room.

3. Traditional Wet Bar Example:

idea for home bar with cruvenit
This very large wet bar was created for a commercial store that hosts frequent beer and wine tasting events. However, a similar but smaller home wet bar might find it's way into a private basement, rec room, or den. When a sink and plumbing is involved, you are always better off with custom bar cabinetry. This one features an antique cruvenit for dispensing the wine — a rare find. No wonder the owners decided to make it the showpiece of their new beverage bar. See Project >

The best design for your home bar or beverage center will depend on what type of space you have to work with, and the type of functions you plan to host. Whether you are known for your impromptu gatherings or plan your holiday celebrations well in advance, having a central beverage or wine center for your guests to use will simplify your entertaining, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the party. After all, everything is easier when you're organized!

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