Closet Blog: Best Hangers for Your Closet

Not all hangers are created equal!

If you are still using wire hangers and keeping your clothing on the ones the dry cleaner gives you — then you've got huge room for improvement!

Plastic hangers, wood hangers and "huggable" hangers can all have a place in your closet. Organization guru Monica Friel from Chaos To Order offers her reasons to choose clear plastic "diamond cut" hangers for most situations and explains why in her blog.

They are slim, you can fit many on a rod (much more than the colored tubular hangers), they don't sag because the plastic is hard, and the top swivels so you can quickly hang in either direction. You can also add foam stickers or double stick tape on the ends of the hanger to keep clothes from slipping off.

If you are really tight on linear space in your closet, velvet covered "spacesaver" slim line hangers will serve you well. They lack some of the versatility because they typically do not include a swivel head, but will allow you to fit the most hung garments into the closet. Old fashioned padded hangers are still your best bet for evening gowns and formal wear that gets only occasional use. They take up a lot of room, but will help protect expensive garments with delicate or ornate details.

If you find that you need to mix your hanger types due to the variety of clothing stored, it is always best to keep all of them the same color — for example chrome hooks with black hanger body. This will give your closet a cohesive look and make it look more organized. And once you've worked with one of our Closet Works designers on getting your perfect closet designed and installed, we provide you with two complimentary hours of time with one of the Chaos To Order professional organizers so you can make sure all of your garments are organized and hanging on hangers that are "best suited" for them.

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best hangers for your closet
There are several styles of hangers that can work in most closets and the best one for your situation depends on what you are hanging. Wood is always a good choice for any garment. Conversely, storing your clothes on wire hangers from the dry cleaners is universally a bad option for all clothing.

Example of Good Hanger Choice:

best hangers for your closet
Matching hangers will present your wardrobe in the best light and make the closet appear more organized. These slim, black velevet hangers allow for maximum hanging space and add the finishing touch to this glamorous closet remodel.
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