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Best Hangers for Closet Organization

Closeup of colorful wooden hangers for closet

Not All Hangers Are Created Equal!

If you are still using wire closet hangers and keeping your clothing on the ones the dry cleaner gives you — then you've got huge room for improvement!

Closet Clothes Hangers: A Wide Range of Uses

When it comes to finding the best hangers for closet organization, there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. The truth is, plastic hangers, wood hangers and "huggable" hangers can all have a place in your closet. Clothing stores tend to uniformly choose clear "diamond cut" acrylic hangers for most situations and there's a reason why:

They are slim, you can fit many on a rod (much more than the colored tubular hangers), they don't sag because the plastic is hard, and the top swivels so you can quickly hang in either direction. You can also add foam stickers or double stick tape on the ends of the hanger to keep clothes from slipping off. Source: Monica Friel, Professional Organizer, Chaos to Order

That said, it’s worthwhile to look at the benefits of different types of hangers. Using pants hangers for jeans or work slacks can save closet space and prevent creases in your clothes, for example. Sweaters do better on hangers with shoulder flocking to help fabrics stay on the hanger without puckering or dimpling. When you’re trying to select closet organizer hangers, the important detail to consider is what you’re hanging.

Closet for men with different types of hangers for various garments
This closet for a man features different types of wood hangers. Pant hangers with clips suspend trousers while standard wood hangers support shirts without wrinkling them.

Wood Hangers

Timeless and durable, wooden hangers are always a classy choice. Use them for heavy items that need to retain their shape and/or when you want an attractive, uniform look to your wardrobe.

Closeup of dresses on wood hangers in closet
These dresses are all hung on sturdy, high-quality, matching hardwood hangers. Furthermore, the surface of the hanger is smooth and polished to prevent snagging of delicate fabrics when removing garments. It's a top-of-the-line choice when it comes to hangers.

Wood hangers are available with the most style options. This is the easiest type of hanger to find a suite of coordinating pant, coat, shirt, and suit hangers in the same matching finish.

Bamboo Hangers

Made of environmentally friendly material, bamboo hangers can be a good choice for everyday, lightweight clothing items. They look just like wood to the untrained eye, but bamboo is actually a grass. It's also the fastest growing plant on Earth. This makes it a much more sustainable resource than hardwoods which are very slow growing. The hangers can be purchased with a natural finish or painted for a colorful look in the closet.

Men's Pants hung on bamboo hangers in closet with shoes above
This luxury closet uses a variety of different bamboo hangers to organize all the clothing. They look just like hardood hangers in a light, natural finish.

Velvet Hangers

If you’re really tight on linear space in your closet, velvet-covered, slim-line, space-saving closet hangers will serve you well. They lack some of the versatility because they typically do not include a swivel head, but allow you to fit the most hung garments into the closet. The velvet flocking on the hanger inhibits garments from sliding off the hanger and onto the floor.

Woman's Pants hung on blue velvet slim line hangers in closet
These pants appear uncluttered because they are hanging on space-saving velevet hangers. The hangers are attractive. The teal color of the velvet with the copper hooks are an elegant designer touch. In addition to hanging clothes, they add a pop of color to the otherwise white closet system.

Padded Hangers

Old-fashioned padded hangers are still your best bet for evening gowns and formal wear that gets only occasional use. They take up a lot of room but will help protect expensive garments with delicate or ornate details.

Closeup of knit dresses hung on padded hangers
Padded hangers like these take up a lot of room in the closet but they are the best for protecting delicate fabrics and expensive gowns. They are available in an assortment of colors and patterns. If you need these for special garments, try to select ones that match or coordinate with the other hangers in your closet. It is especially important that all the hanger hooks match if you desire a cohesive appearance.

Are you ready to choose your closet hangers?

Closet hangers should be selected based on what you want to hang and how much space you have in your closet. If you find that you need to mix your hanger types due to the variety of clothing stored, it is always best to keep all of them the same color — for example, chrome hooks with black hanger body. This will give your closet a cohesive, organized feel. Closets that employ this matching hanger trick tend to look less cluttered, more spacious, and serene.

There are several styles of hangers that can work in most closets. The best one for your situation depends on your wardrobe. Coats and suits need wide wooden or padded hangers with plenty of space between each hanger to increase air circulation and prevent moisture from attacking the material. In fact, wood is always a good choice for any garment. Conversely, storing your clothes on wire hangers from the dry cleaners is universally a bad option for all clothing. That's because the unpadded wire can cause puckering in the shoulders. Flimsy by nature, these wire hangers are intended as a short-term method for transporting your clothes from the cleaner's shop to your home. You should remove the plastic bag and switch the hanger before putting it away in your closet.

Plan for your hanging space needs in advance of any closet overhaul. Measure your garments and use our handy planning worksheet to determine how much hanging space you need. And if you have any questions regarding garment storage in your new Closet Works closets, our professional design team is always ready, with advice and custom storage options.