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Bedroom Storage Ideas

Make the Most of Your Sleeping Quarters with These Organizing Ideas for Small Bedrooms & Challenging Spaces!

Modern bedrooms need to provide more than just a place to sleep. It's also the place where we store our clothing and many personal possessions. We tend to keep the essentials of our lives in our bedroom space. Everything from framed photos, personal momentos, treasured books, jewelry, grooming tools and, of course underwear, is most likely stored in your bedroom. The average bedroom size in the United States is 11 feet by 12 feet or 132 square feet in total area. According to the Mattress Journal queen is the most popular bed size currently, measuring 80" x 60" and requiring approximately three feet of open floor space on three sides of the bed in order to move around. That is going to fill most of the average bedroom space. Less furniture in the room will make the space seem larger, but at what cost to storage? How do we come up with enough room to store all of our possessions? These seven clever storage ideas will help you increase overall storage while making the most of your bedroom space.

  1. Use All of Your Available Height: The ceiling's the limit when it comes to storage. Wall space is usually greater than floor space in a room, so be sure to put all the surface area available to you to practical use. Wall units, shelves and upper cabinets can provide just as much storage as a traditional dresser, but don't take up as much room on the floor, if any. Surround the head of the bed with built-in shelves and cabinets from floor to ceiling. This will allow you to keep everything handy and within reach. Done right, you will be able to eliminate the bedside table altogether.
    surround head of bed with built-in shelves and cabinets
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  2. Organize the Existing Closet: In the real estate market, every bedroom must have an existing built-in closet in order to be considered a bedroom in the first place. The closet does not need to be large, but it must exist in some form. Since more bedrooms usually equals more money for the builder, this rule results in some very small bedroom closets. You can, however, make it bigger on the inside. Consider investing in a quality closet organizer system to increase storage capacity of this space. A well designed custom closet system will generally double the amount of clothing and acceessories that can be stored in the room.
    Closet organizing ideas for small bedrooms and closets
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  3. Drawer Organizers: Drawer dividers will increase the storage capacity of your drawers in addition to keeping them neat. Subdividing the contents of the drawers by type will allow you to find things faster — similar to a filing system. Many drawer organizers are adjustable. Others come in standard sizes to fit most drawers. If you purchase a jewelry drawer organizer, you will be able to eliminate the need for a separate jewelry box in the room.
    Good bedroom storage ideas include drawer dividers to improve organization
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  4. Use the Underside of the Bed for Storage: The underside of the bed offers a lot of unused potential. Under bed drawers and boxes add storage space without taking up any additional floor space in the room. Large, flat inexpensive containers that fit underneath the bed are available from most home improvement stores. Better, however, is a bed frame that has storage drawers built right into the design and construction like a ship captain's bed. This type of bed platform doubles as a dresser and is much more convenient than a storage box, not to mention much more attractive.
    organizing ideas for small bedrooms include under bed storage drawers
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  5. Add an Armoire or Wardrobe: Adding "a closet outside the closet" is a sure fire way to increase bedroom storage. An armoire/wardrobe closet can be purchased or built along a wall to add considerable storage to the room. This type of closet is very popular throughout Europe where many buildings are older and don't have what we in the States consider to be a standard closet. Wardrobe closets offer hanging, shelves and usually drawers behind closed cabinet doors. Free standing units are considered to be furniture and are readily available from most furniture stores. Custom built units are a little more involved, but offer several advantages. They can be designed and constructed to a custom depth and height to accommodate the available floor and wall space in the room. Custom built wardrobe closets are also usually secured to the wall. This is a safety feature that prevents accidental tipping. It also meets requirements that state a room must have a built-in closet in order to be considered a bedroom in a real estate listing. Having more bedrooms can increase overall home price — a welcome perk for the seller.
    Add a wardrobe closet for additional storage in a small bedroom
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  6. Maximize Use of Odd Shaped Spaces: If your room includes oddly angled walls or numerous cutouts for windows, chances are that these walls have been left empty because they are difficult to outfit with storage. Make the most of your space by putting these areas to use. Custom is the way to go when you have a challenging space like this. Rooms with steeply angled walls may need furniture and storage that is lower than most ready made solutions, or else may need to be custom scribed to the wall to accommodate an angle and fit snuggly against the wall. It is worthwhile take up any unnecessary floor space. Rooms with a lot of big windows will also benefit from low storage that fits under the window. As an added bonus, this under-the-window storage will often double as seating or a reading nook.
    Make full use of oddly angled walls with custom built ins
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    fit custom storage cabinet to slanted wall in renovated atticbedroom storage ideas for space under window
  7. Give Children's Rooms Versatile Storage and Maximum Floor Space: Children need space to play. When the bedroom also doubles as the playroom, maximize the floor space available for playtime with either a lofted bed or bunk bed. If putting your child's bed up in the air is a safety concern for your family, consider a wall bed instead. Wall beds, also referred to as Murphy beds, tuck away when not in use to open up the floor space. The beds are high quality, last a long time, and come with an integrated european style slat system that provides full support for a comfortable, 10 inch thick mattress. Frequently used for home offices that do occasional double duty as guest quarters, there is no reason that a wall bed could not be usd every day. They are a safe, comfortable and long lasting alternative to a traditional mattress and box spring that offers versatility unmatched by any other bed solution. They come in queen, full and twin sizes.
    Child's room with wall bed open
    Child's room with wallbed closed
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Custom craft space with organized storage
Custom craft space with organized storage
Example of a versatile bedroom storage unit for a small boy that is designed to accommodate change and grow with the child. The wall unit includes numerous shelves and low level decorative basket storage areas with limited hanging space. The shelving section can easily be reconfigured to hold additional clothing rods for an older child. Conversely, the rod sction can be switched out with extra shelves and the whole system can be used an entertainment center.
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Craft rooms ideas for painter with custom storage
Example of a wardrobe style closet added to a soft loft. The condominium had a big, open floor plan and very little closet space. The added wardrobe unit is a great bedroom storage idea that blends seemlessly with the condo's modern aesthetic.
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Custom craft room organization ideas for family use
A closet was recessed into the knee wall of this attic space. It adds abundant storage to this tiny bedroom, but has minimal impact on the amount of floor space in the room.
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Creative bedroom storage ideas for a challenging space with slanted walls
This bedroom with steeply angled walls could not accommodate ready made furniture due to the odd wall shape. The solution was a series of built in organization units that take the place of a traditional dresser and nightstand tables. The organization system includes a custom platform bed with integrated storage drawers in the base and a matching, movable desk.
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Organizing ideas for small bedrooms always include maximizing the existing closet space
Children need organization in their lives for a sense of stability. Going beyond just having a regular bedtime is important for their development. Organizing ideas for this child's bedroom started with maximizing the closet space with a custom closet system that doubled available storage.
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Organizing ideas for small bedrooms always include maximizing the existing closet space
A bedroom wall unit will provide a lot more storage than a traditional dresser and bedside table. In this example, the storage space was maximized by using the entire wall surface for shelving and cabinets. A light color was chosen to keep the room feeling light and airy.
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Wall beds are a good bedroom storage idea when floor space needs to be left unobstructed
Vertical tray storage was used around the built in desk
Murphy beds are not just for guest rooms! A wall bed is a good way to increase the floor space in a bedroom. When integrated into a wall unit system, they provide a complete storage solution for the bedroom. Wall unit surrounds for Murphy beds often include cabinets, shelves and integrated desks or entertainment centers. In this example, vertical tray organizers were used to organize books and folders near the built in desk. Commonly added to pantry storage for trays, cookie sheets and broiler pans, they are a great idea for bedroom storage as well.
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