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5 Favorite Bedroom Built-Ins Ideas

bedroom built-in entertainment center

Your home should be a haven. And nowhere is that truer than in the bedroom. You can fill your space to the brim everything you need or want. But you'll want to keep it calm and restful as well. That means tidy and organized. Not sure how? Try these five bedroom built-ins ideas that make a home more livable. They will increase your storage while improving lifestyle for yourself and your family.

It feels like everyone is spending a lot more time inside the house these days. Both work and leisure seem to have become at-home activities. Whether it be it concerns for health, safety, or both, people are spending most of their time in their own homes. As a result, we all need more "stuff" in our houses to help us through the tough times. After all, our homes now double as restaurant, movie theater, and staycation resort as well as the place where we conduct our day-to-day lives. We need activities and distractions to get us through the difficulties while simultaneously keeping us relaxed and focused on a bright future. But we also don't want to become overwhelmed by our possessions. Don't mistake the benefits of a full house for a messy one. We all need proper storage solutions to keep our homes, especially the bedrooms, free and clear of clutter.

Built-In Bedroom Storage Favorites

Built-ins, meaning furniture or storage that is permanently attached to the wall, are becoming more and more commonplace. They have advantages over traditional furniture and other off-the-rack solutions due to their custom nature. For example, built-ins can take better advantage of your available space. They are constructed to the exact dimensions you specify so there are no wasted corners. Additional features, like floating bases that don't touch the floor, and well as elaborate illumination systems are all possible with built-ins. Today's buyers are using bedroom built-ins for more than clothing. Bedroom media/entertainment centers with space for a big screen TV and cabinets for video equipment are becoming commonplace. Built-in nightstands, shelving, and desks as well as wardrobe closets that add additional storage for clothing are all popular bedroom built-ins.

  1. Built-In Bedroom Entertainment Centers

    Custom  nightstand for bedroom built-in storage.
    Bedroom with custom built-in floating entertainment center.

    Do you like to lie in bed and watch movies rather than go to the theater? Built-in bedroom entertainment centers are a popular option for late night TV. The base cabinet can be designed as a floor-based built-in, or as a floating cabinet. The cabinet hides plenty of shelves that hold all the media equipment including the cable box, Roku, Video, etc. Many people also use this cabinet for bedroom linen storage. Above the cabinet there is room for a large flat screen television. The unit pictured is also equipped with a custom LED lighting system that provides soft, ambient lighting in the bedroom. Alternately, other designs might add shelves or storage cabinets on either side of the TV.

  2. Built-In Nightstands or Dressers for the Bedroom

    Bedroom with custom built-in storage around the bed.
    These built-ins include a custom headboard and bedframe. The built-in nightstand, shelves, and drawers attach to the headboard. Together, this bedroom built-in provides the best storage solution possible for This low knee wall with a slanted ceiling.

    For a clean and modern look, or simply the most efficient use of space, consider built-in bedroom drawers and storage with an integrated nightstand next to your bed. A custom, built-in bedside table is the best, and often the only, solution if you an odd-shaped or slanted wall behind the bed. Because of its custom nature, it can be made to efficiently fit any odd shape. But it works on standard flat walls also. Use a custom built-in nightstand when you need a floating cabinet that doesn't touch the floor, have non-standard walls, or need to exactly match another piece of built-in furniture.

  3. Custom Shelves & Wall Unit to Surround the Bed

    Bedroom with custom built-in shelving and desk surrounding the bed.
    These bedroom built-ins include custom shelving and cabinets surrounding the bed, and an integrated desk that are part of the custom storage system.

    No one can ever have enough shelves. They are the backbone of all storage. One way to maximize storage is to build a wall unit with bookshelves o surround the bed. This will provide floor to ceiling storage on the wall with the bed. Use the open shelves to photos, books and decorative objects. Cover additional shelves with cabinet doors to hide shelves that store all your folded jeans and sweater.

  4. Space Saving Built-in Desks & Cabinets

    Bedroom built-ins ideas include both teen desk, window seat, and upper cabinets.
    Bedroom built-ins ideas include both teen desk, window seat, and upper cabinets.

    When space is tight, built-in desks and cabinets can often provide a better use of available square footage. They can easily be configured to fit the odd corner or any available area of the room. But why stop at the desk? Take advantage of all your vertical wall space with matching overhead cabinets. Place them against a wall for even more custom storage. The overhead cabinets attach securely just like kitchen cabinets but can be made for bedroom or home office storage needs.

  5. Wardrobe Closets

    Bedroom built-ins idea for an extra wardrobe closet.
    One of the easiest bedroom built-ins idea when you're running low on storage is to build an extra wardrobe closet along one wall.

    Wardrobe closets are what most people think of when they hear bedroom built-in. A wardrobe closet is a storage unit for clothes constructed against a closet wall. Unlike a traditional closet, it doesn't recess into the wall, but sits in front of it. Like all built-ins, it is anchored to the wall and can't be moved around. This is what makes it different from an armoire. Use a built-in when your recessed closet space is insufficient. It is one of the most effective ways to quickly add permanent storage to a home without undergoing any major construction.

  6. Try these bedroom built-ins ideas in your home.

    For many homeowners, built-ins have replaced much of their freestanding furniture. They offer advantages that other types of store do not. It's no wonder they've become a favorite way to furnish a home. For example, because of their custom nature, they can easily be configured to take full advantage of all available space. Additionally, the style can be completely customized to the owner's preference. For homeowners with a large walk-in closet that includes an island or a lot of drawers, dressers for clothes and other types of traditional storage are unnecessary. These homeowners would much rather have a bedroom entertainment center with a big TV. And built-ins are definitely the way to go with this. For other homeowners, lack of space is the issue and built-ins provide the maximum storage possible in an attractive, uncluttered package. If you've tried bedroom built-ins in your own home, tell us about it. Please leave any details below. We'd love the chance to learn about what you've done.