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How to Become Organized

NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, has designated January as "GO" Month. That stands for GET ORGANIZED! Their tips can help us all learn how to be more organized! The benefits of living a more organized life will amaze you. Everything from better sleep, higher performance with more free time, to better health can be yours. And all it takes is organization.

It's easy to put off unpleasant tasks for another day. But postpone no longer! Although getting your home, yourself, and your family organized may seem like a daunting task at first, it doesn't have to be. Small, simple steps can have big payoffs. And both the immediate and long-term benefits for getting our lives onto the organized track are huge. Make a commitment to "Organize Your Life" this month and you'll reap the results for years afterward.

The National Association of Professional Organizers, also known as NAPO, has put together a few guidelines to help us all get started. Check out the how and why.

The benefits of being organized.

Organization has countless benefits.

Steps you can take to become better organized.

Resolve to spend a little time learning how to become organized!

Don't delay your move to the organized life. If you haven't added it to your list of resolutions, now's the time. And being organized is not just something to do in January with your New Year's resolution. You can get organized at any time of the year. The benefits may last a lifetime. If you're still a little hesitant, hiring a professional organizer may be the best investment you can make. Closet Works is a member of the NAPO Chicago chapter. Let our storage designers get you off to happy and healthy start for the New Year through better organization! If you do this, you are well on your way to making every day an organized day.

Learn how to become organized by stating with the closet and NAPO