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Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas

Custom master bathroom en suite with storage

Nobody likes an old, dated bathroom. Dealing with an outdated space is the pet peeve from homeowners considering a bathroom remodeling project. But did you know that the second most common complaint driving bathroom renovation is insufficient storage? Homeowners want places to stash their gear in the bathroom. Everything from towels, to toiletries, shaving aides, cosmetics, and more need a place to go. The problem is that many older bathrooms were built in an era when lifestyles were different. An older space might have difficulty keeping up with modern demands. That's why incorporating new bathroom storage and organization into an older home is so important. Try these ideas on how to transform your bathroom into a relaxing space with easy-to-use storage and get your bathroom on track.

Why Renovate the Bathroom?

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the home. And unlike bedrooms where you might spend a third of your day sleeping in them, most people are in and out of their bathrooms within minutes. We use them in the mornings to get clean and ready to meet the world. We use them in the evenings to prepare for sleep. We might spend a few minutes in them during the day to relieve oneself or wash hands. That's about it. So why is this room so important? It turns out bathrooms have a strong effect on your overall happiness with your home. They're important while you live there and use them. They also effect resale value when it's time to sell. It's a good thing there are so many ways to improve this space.

Pet Peeves in Bathrooms Prior to Renovations*

Old and Outdated
Insufficient Storage
Small Showers
Insufficient Lighting
Poor Ventilation
Limited Counter Space
Glass Shower Doors
18% -2pp
Noisy Fan
Shower Curtain(s)
Only One Sink
No Natural Light
Toilet Location
No Bathtub
Toilet Paper Mount Location
Not Enough Mirrors
*Source: 2020 Bathroom Trends, Houzz

Houzz, the social media platform for interior design and all sorts of home improvement projects, conducted a U.S. bathroom trends study. Included in the results were the top reasons homeowners start a bathroom remodeling project. Lack of storage was the second most driving reason to start a bathroom renovation.

4 Unique Storage Ideas for the Bathroom

Outdated appearance is the number one reason that homeowners decide to tackle bathroom remodeling. Without exception, everyone wants a clean and modern bathing space. If you've decided to remodel your bathroom, you will, of course, replace any old, decrepit fixtures. That takes care of pet peeve number one. But what about insufficient storage? It's the second most cited reason for wanting a new bathroom. And the storage must be added to the room without destroying the clean, modern aesthetic. Luckily, there are several ways to add storage to a bathroom without creating visual clutter. Vanities, linen closets, shelving, and cabinets top the list. However, the success of these elements will depend on their implementation.

Add a Built-in Bathroom Storage Tower or Linen Tower Cabinet

Most linen closets are outside the bathroom proper. But they don't have to be. Building a new cabinet or shelving system can go a long way towards providing the necessary storage in any bathroom. Put yours in an empty corner. But be sure to provide a door over any shelving you provide, making it more of a cabinet. The clutter of open bathroom shelving is simply too distracting. An enclosed, built-in storage cabinet designed to fit your space not only provides a place for towels, toiletries, and bathrobes, but it can be used for laundry as well.

Cluttered bathroom with insufficient storage before renovations Completed bathroom renovations displaying a new cabinet for linen and toiletries
Before and After Bathroom Storage & Organization: This bathroom lacked storage. The homeowners had set up a freestanding set of shelves to offset the problem, but the appearance was less than pleasing. A new built-in cabinet in white provides custom storage that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. There was even room for a tilt-out hamper below the new cabinet.

Repurpose a Wine Cube for Towel Storage in a Small Bathroom with a Pedestal Sink

If your bathroom is very small or has a pedestal sink, there may not be many obvious ways to add storage. That's when you need to think outside the box. The beauty of the wine cube is that smaller cubbies below the main x-shelving can be used in place of countertop space. This eliminates another pet peeve cited in the Houzz Bathroom trends study.

Unique bathroom storage idea - wine cube used for storing rolled towels
Look at this modern take on the timeless pedestal sink. Can you think of a better way to open the space in a small bathroom? The problem is they offer no storage. But this can be fixed. Try a wine cube for towel storage in a small bathroom with a pedestal sink. It's an unconventional storage solution that solves the issues surrounding towels and lack of countertop space with this style sink. The towels are stored rolled rather than folded flat, but you can get a lot of them in a small space this way. Use the left-over cubbies provide a niche to store toiletries.

Build a Floating Vanity

Make a small space look larger so you can get all the storage you need when you add a floating vanity cabinet. A floating cabinet doesn't really "float." It is without legs or visible support. Floating cabinets are secured to the wall using a hidden suspension rail. The look is very streamlined, modern, and open. But they provide a lot of storage opportunities. And you can get away with using a somewhat larger cabinet than you might otherwise have due to the visual openness of the design.

Custom floating vanity with storage for bathroom remodel
This vanity extends all the way from the edge of the glass shower doors to the bathroom door. It includes three generous storage drawers between the two wash stations with cabinet. It's a lot of storage, yet the space doesn't feel crowded due to the floating design of the vanity cabinet.
Rotating shelves for the bathroom
The 360 Organizer® for bathrooms can be installed along any wall, cabinet, or corner that offers 32.75" x 32.75" of floor space.

Increase Your Access to Storage with Rotating Shelves for the Bathroom

Avoid blind corners. Blind corners are the inaccessible areas in the back of cabinets created when two closets or cabinets abut on adjoining walls. One cabinet blocks access to the other in the corner. But rotating shelves can fix this issue. The rotating shelves work on a lazy Susan principal. They spin from the back to the front with a smooth turn of the shelf so that everything remains easily accessible with no bending or digging.

Rotating shelves are also useful when you have many small items that need to be stored in the corner of the room or in a bathroom closet. It's easy for these things to get pushed to the back and lost in the dark recesses of the cabinet. Rotating shelves improve your ability to find what you're looking for because everything can be in the front of the cabinet or closet. Try the 360 Organizer® when you want the ultimate in rotating shelving systems for the bathroom, closet, pantry, garage, and more.

Ready to try these bathroom storage & organization ideas in your home?

Don't forget to include ample storage when you next rejuvenate your bathroom space. Studies show that bathroom storage and organization is one of the driving factors when deciding whether to remodel. Make sure that your bathroom renovation creates a space you can be happy with, and future buyers will appreciate as well. After all, you deserve a happy home.