How to Rid Your Home of Those Messy Wires

Seven Smart Solutions for Organizing Electronics

If you just love terrific tips that are easy to implement — here are seven super ideas for organizing your electronics:

  1. TOILET PAPER ROLLS — it seems a little crazy at first, but saving your toilet paper rolls and then tucking your chords inside them is a recycling idea of the highest caliber.describe the image Stand them up inside an area of a drawer so they fit nicely and don't move around - then stuff a chord inside each one.
  2. PLASTIC BREAD TIES — Save the plastic bread tie closures from your bread loaves, use a sharpie marker to label with the devices you own, then slide over the chord near where you plug it in and you'll have an easy identifier. Much easier than using tape and writing on that.
  3. ZIPLOC BAGS — I love using ziploc bags for storing things. And my favorite part? They are clear so you can easily, quickly see what's stored inside them. No having to count on your memory about what you put in each one. Wonderfully effecient.
  4. STACKABLE PAPER TRAYS — Available at any office supply store — repurpose the paper trays to stack your electronics and small items. The storage is shallow which makes it perfect for small items like cell phones, digital cameras and keys.
  5. FOAM PIPE INSULATION — Sold at home improvement stores, you can cut different lengths and then stuff your chords inside. Easy in, easy out and protective. You could put labels on the outside and color with some markers for easier identification.
  6. BINDER CLIPS — get some larger ones, attach one end onto your desk top or other counter top and then use the silver clippy handle part to slide your electronics through and keep easily accessible.
  7. SILVERWARE DIVIDERS — found at places like The Container Store or Bed, Bath and Beyond and available in many different styles, from wicker to metal to plastic, these pre-organized organizers are great, simple solutions that can be matched to your decor and kept visible, or stashed inside a drawer or cabinet.
use empty toilet paper rolls to organize electronics

So which one is your favorite? Or what secret closet organizer tips do you have for keeping life easier to manage?

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