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Client Closet Remodel: Step Inside the Closet of Fashion Photographer and Style Guru Helen Berkun

Chicago fashion photographer, beauty and style guru Helen Berkun talks about the luxury closet remodel project she completed with Closet Works

What kind of closet do you design for someone who is a fixture in the Chicago fashion industry? What are the needs of a fashion photographer, beauty and style guru? Certainly, the same basic building blocks to all successful closet design will apply: plenty of double-hang, long-hang, shelving, and half & half closet sections to handle the basics. But what are the specific needs when organizing an extensive fashion forward wardrobe? Take a peak inside Helen's closet and see how she solved the problem with the help of Closet Works closet organization systems.

Your closet can be so much more than just storage and a dressing area. Make it a fun place to hang out with your friends and relax.

View Helen's Closet Remodel Tour and Video

Key Take Aways:

  1. Hangers are important
    • Use matching hangers — they make a closet look so much nicer
    • Slim line hangers take up less space and will increase overall storage capacity
    • Use hangers with clips rather than folding your pants
  2. Hang as many clothing items as possible — it keeps clothing much more visible than they would be folded on a shelf
  3. Drawers are best for lingerie, swim suits and jewelry storage
  4. Shoe and purse storage tips:
    • Include lots and lots of shelves/shoe towers for heeled shoes and purses
    • Stuff your larger purses and handbags to help them retain their shape when you aren't using them
    • Store your heels front to back on shelves to maximize the space
    • Shoe cubbies work best for flats and sandals — store them with the insides face-to-face, two pairs per cubby
    • Wipe your shoes clean before putting them away with moisturizing baby wips
    • Use shoe/boot trees inside your boots when you're not wearing them and hang them from clothing rods using clips
  5. Include a LED closet lighting system to highlight your favorate possessions with under shelf and vertical light strips
  6. Go for quality over economy in your closet design
    • Even though it cost more upfront, it will last for many years and cost less in the long run
    • Splurge on a floor based system with crown and base moulding — it will provide much more of a built in furniture feel to your closet
  7. Pay attention to the details like hardware and accessories — they are like jewelry to your closet and are an easy way to personalize the space
  8. Use the countertop on top of your closet island or hutch to showcase your favorite accessories and jewelry
  9. Weed out your closet 2-4 times per year to make sure you have the space to add new pieces and keep your wardrobe current
  10. Skip the door and leave the closet open to the bedroom — a beautiful closet is a decorating statement in itself and doesn't need to be hidden away

Fashion forward homeowners like Helen are only one group that can benefit from an elaborate closet system. Luxury closets have universal appeal for many types of people and can be more than just a place to store clothes. The well appointed closet is a room in its own right and can serve as a space to display favoite possessions in splendor. It offers a very private atmosphere of sumptuous high-living that goes beyond the closet to permeate every aspect of living in the home.

Elaborate master closets are very popular right now in homes of all sizes and price points. Hot trends include open closet design — meaning the closet is left open to the bedroom with no door or wall to hide its contents. The closet then becomes one of the last things the homeowner sees before shutting their eyes to go to sleep and the first they see when waking up. This means that a good closet organizer system is essential to keeping the space neat and looking its showroom best at all times. It may take a bit of effort in the benginning to get it going, but owning a showpiece closet where all your hard earned and carefully curated collections of favorite possessions are on display and available can be a rewarding experience for many homeowners.

Enjoy a new closet from Closet Works

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