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Create a Built-In 3-Way Mirror Using Mirror Cabinet Doors

Built-in three way mirror for closet

Have you ever wished for one of those full-length mirrors like the ones in clothing store dressing rooms? The three-way feature is nice because you can view your clothing from every angle. The problem is they are very expensive and take up a lot of room, right? Well, not exactly. You can create your own quick and easy three-way mirror that is built-in and doesn't take up any space using your mirror closet doors and cabinets.

Most bedroom closets have the space to include a full-length, built-in, three-way mirror. These mirrors don't take up much space and they don't have to cost a lot of money. The key is in selecting the right type of doors upfront during your next closet remodel. Use three mirrored cabinet doors on the exterior of your reach-in or wardrobe closet. Use the same type of door on the interior of a walk-in closet to cover shelves or hanging areas as a kind of cabinet within the closet. It's these doors that will double as your three-way mirror.

3-way mirror inside a walk-in closet made from closet doors.
This three-way mirror is created with mirrored cabinet doors along a single wall of the walk-in closet.
  1. Walk-In Closet 3-Way Mirror

    3-way mirror for walk in closet.
    This three-way mirror is created with mirrored cabinet doors covering three sections of hanging in the corner of a walk-in closet.

    There are a couple of different ways to set up a three-way mirror for a walk-in closet. No matter which you choose, you will need three adjoining closet sections covered by mirrored cabinet doors. It doesn't really matter if the closet sections are for hanging or shelves. However, it is important to note that hanging sections must use vertical panels that are at least 20-inches deep. Otherwise, the hangers will stick out beyond the door frame and you won't be able to close the door. 12-inches or 14-inches are the most commonly used closet panel depths. And 14-inches is the default depth in most closet software. But 20-inches is also a standard size. It is available as an upgrade/option for your design with most closet programs. You just need to make sure you make the right choices and build that in upfront with your closet.

    The three-way mirror for a walk-in can be in a corner or along a single wall. If you choose a corner, you will have a three-way view whether the doors are open or closed. If you install the cabinets with doors along a single wall, the three-way mirror is created by opening the mirrored doors on either side of the center cabinet. Either way, placement of the hinges for the two outer doors is critical. Put the hinges on the right side of the door for the cabinet left of center. Hinges go on the left side of the door for the right-hand cabinet. This may seem counter intuitive, but it is essential in setting up your mirror. It doesn't matter which way the center cabinet swings.

    3-way mirror hinge set up diagram.
    Three-way mirror hinge set up.

  2. Wardrobe Closet 3-Way Mirror

    Wardrobe closet with 3-way mirror doors.
    This bedroom wardrobe closet uses three mirrored closet doors set up so that when the left and right doors are opened, they act as a three-way mirror for the bedroom.

    Your wardrobe closet can function as a three-way mirror in addition to storage. You just need to make sure it is large enough to accommodate three doors. Remove the existing doors from the wardrobe and replace them with new mirrored ones. Or, better yet, order your new wardrobe with the correct doors upfront. Hinge placement needs to be the same as for the walk-in closet. When standing facing the center mirrored door, the doors on either side will open towards you. And of course, the doors must swing out rather than into the wardrobe.

    The beauty of this solution is that the mirror doesn't take up any space in your bedroom, and the three-way configuration is completely adjustable. Your view can be changed by simply moving the degree to which the side doors are open.

  3. Reach-In Closet 3-Way Mirror

    Reach-In Closet 3-Way Mirror
    This large reach-in closet is covered by three mirrored doors that also act as a three-way mirror when the doors on either end are left ajar.

    A reach-in closet is basically the same as a wardrobe closet. The only difference is that it is usually recessed into the wall. In fact, a wardrobe closet is actually just a type of reach-in closet. Therefore, you must set up the doors the same way that you would for the wardrobe closet. Make sure they open out rather than in. There must be three of them. And the doors on either end will open towards the center section. (See the diagram above under walk-in closets).

Ready to try these tips and make your own 3-way mirror for your closet?

Mirrored closet doors that are set up to function as a three-way mirror will transform your closet into a private dressing room. They allow you to see how you look from all angles. If you've ever wished for a three-way mirror at home, these ideas using mirrored closet doors are one of the easiest and most economical ways to add this feature to your bedroom. There's a bit of an upfront investment in choosing the right type of door for your closet to begin with. But you need some type of door on your closet anyway. Why not choose the ones that can do double duty? You won't regret it.

If you've tried these tips and created a three-way mirror system in your own home, use the comment form and let us know. We'd love to hear how it went!