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Oct. 12 2020

Pop-up phone charging station built into countertop

Built-In Phone Charging Stations

Get organized and banish those messy cords for good. Add built-in phone charging stations inside the cabinets and closets throughout your home.

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Oct. 6 2020

Wardrobe closet with 3 types of doors

Closet Doors

Different types of closet doors require distinct design solutions for the closet interior. Use this guide and get the best use of closet space.

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Sep. 28 2020

Hat storage in a closet

How to Store Hats

After years of walking around with our heads uncovered, hats are making a comeback. Big floppy hats, baseball caps, stocking caps, and more — there's a hat for every occasion. But no matter what type(s) you prefer, they all need proper storage when they're not on your head.

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Sep. 22 2020

Basic closet components

Guide to Organizing Closets

Use the organizing closets guide for helpful hints, whether planning a complete closet remodel or just wondering how to make the most of what you have.

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Sep. 14 2020

Hide pipes in bedroom closet

How to Hide Pipes, Electricals, Vents & More in the Closet

How to hide pipes, electricals and HVAC from spoiling the look of your new luxury closet without losing maintenance access to these important mechanical systems.

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Sep. 2 2020

Built-in closet vanity

Closet Vanity Ideas

Take a look at these closet vanity ideas. Then get inspired with practical tips you can use in your own closet to take it to the next level.

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Aug. 24 2020

Built-in dresser for closet

Built-In Dressers for Closets

Check out these five different types of built-in dressers for closets and get ideas for creating your own dream closet.

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Aug. 17 2020

Child learning online in Zoom classroom

Set Up Your One Room Schoolhouse for Online Learning at Home

Ideas on how to set up your own one room school house with Zoom classrooms for your children'ssuccessful online learning.

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Aug. 11 2020

Install Closet Rods

How to Install Closet Rods on a Slanted Ceiling

How to install closet rods on a slanted wall or ceiling so that they don't fall.

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Aug. 4 2020

Bedroom built-in storage

The 5 Best Bedroom Built-Ins

Bedroom built-ins add a lot of storage while using minimal square footage. These 5 types in particular bring the most value. Learn what to look for.

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Jul. 28 2020

Drawer drying rack for clothes

Drying Racks for Clothes: Best Drip-Dry Solutions

The pros and cons of these various drying racks for clothes will convince you that you need a built-in retractable drying rack for your laundry room.

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Jul. 14 2020

Closet on an island

Closet Islands

Owning your own private island is within reach! So long as it's a closet island. Try these design tips for closet islands regarding size, spacing and features. Then add this luxurious storage solution to your home.

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Jul. 7 2020

Stop Clutter

How to Stop Clutter

Learn how to stop clutter permanently by identifying the problem areas in your home. Then take action to ensure they remain neat and organized.

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Jun. 30 2020

Shoe closets

Shoe Closets

Tired of having stacks of shoes on your closet floor, under the bed, or piled by the door? Do you ever have trouble finding your matching shoe among the scattered piles footwear? Banish the mess for good by building a separate shoe closet.

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Jun. 23 2020

Rotating bathroom shelving

Get the Ultimate in Bathroom Shelving

Stuck with a lot of excess toilet paper after the COVID-19 outbreak? This rotating shelving system offers convenient storage for all your surplus supplies.

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Jun. 17 2020

Closet lighting ideas

Best Closet Accessories for a Reach-In Closet

The 7 best closet accessories to improve the functionality and luxury of your reach-in bedroom wall closet.

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Jun. 8 2020

Closet lighting ideas

Small Closet Lighting Ideas

Examples of small closet lighting ideas and tips on how to choose proper lighting for closets depending on their use.

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Jun. 2 2020

Mudroom/Laundry Room Combination Space

What is a Mudroom & Why Should I Want One?

Explanation of what is a mudroom, its history, current popularity and five reasons to include one in your next home remodeling project.

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May 19 2020

Happy people in their custom closet

Custom Closet Benefits

5 good reasons why you should consider adding a new organized closet systems throughout your own home.

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May 12 2020

Ideas for garage storage

Garage Storage Ideas

Beat the clutter and get your home organized inside and out with these 5 handy ideas for garage storage.

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May 5 2020

Use drawer organizers for effortless organization

Drawer Organizers

Nothing spoils the look of your fancy new closet system than a bunch of messy drawers. Closet drawers are intended to hold the small essentials we all have. But unless you keep them neat and tidy, all those little items are destined to become a jumbled mess. Use drawer organizers to solve this problem.

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Apr. 28 2020

Prepare for your new closet installation

Closet Installation Prep Tips

Tips on how to prepare your space for a new custom closet.

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Apr. 21 2020

kitchen pantry organizers

Kitchen Pantry Organizers

Kitchen pantry organizers are essential. Without them, your kitchen storage can easily become a jumbled mess. With cans of soup, cookie sheets, bags of rice, tiny jars of spices and many more items all mixed together, it's a wonder anyone can find what they need. But help is available. Get your pantry organized with these 6 essential accessories. Once you try them, you'll wonder how you ever managed without.

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Apr. 14 2020

closet rod with clothes

The Ins and Outs of Closet Rods

When it comes to hanging up your clothes in the closet, it simply wouldn't be possible without the humble closet rod. Their importance is often overlooked. Over the years closet rods have evolved to provide more decorative finishes and shapes. Options for unconventional closets with extra high or slanted ceilings are also now available. All of this means improved performance that ultimately benefits you, the consumer.

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Apr. 8 2020

Small bathroom storage ideas

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Wear a mask. Stay in the house. Limit your shopping trips to only necessary excursions. With everyone stuck at home with limited opportunities to go out and buy supplies, we've all had to purchase our essentials in bigger quantities so that they'll last a long time. But what if you don't have a lot of storage space. Where do you put all that extra toilet paper when your bathroom is very small?

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Mar. 31 2020

TV stand and entertainment center

Multifunctional TV Stands and Entertainment Center Design Tips

With so many people confined to their homes for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for in-home entertainment solutions is increasing. TV stands and entertainment centers have once again become a focal point of family activity. Want to upgrade to a new multifunctional built-in entertainment center? Here's what to look for.

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Mar. 26 2020

How to compare closet companies

Tips that Make it Easier to Work from Home

Try these tips to reorganize your space in ways that make it easier to work from home during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

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Mar. 17 2020

How to compare closet companies

How to Compare Closet Companies

10 important guidelines when selecting a closet company.

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Mar. 9 2020

Pantry Closet Ideas

Pantry Closet Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

6 unique pantry closet ideas to help you get organized and inspire your own creativity for kitchen storage.

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Mar. 3 2020

Spring cleaning your closet

Closet Cleaning Tips for Spring

Tips on how to super charge your entire spring-cleaning routine with a good closet clean-out.

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Feb. 24 2020

How to choose a closet designer

How to Choose a Closet Designer

7 tips when selecting someone to help design your next custom closet.

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Feb. 17 2020

Small closet ideas

Small Closet Organization Ideas

6 tips for maximizing storage in a tiny closet.

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Feb. 10 2020

Walk-in closet design ideas

Walk-In Closet Design Ideas that Make it Easy to Share

5 Simple tricks for dividing up a shared walk-in closet to keep both partners happy.

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Feb. 3 2020

Wardrobe closet ideas

Wardrobe Closet Ideas

5 clever ways to add more storage to your home using a new custom built-in closet.

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Jan. 27 2020

Cool walk-in closet is an attic loft

6 Super Cool Walk-In Closets

Get inspired by these designer closet ideas you can use for your own walk-in closet designs.

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Jan. 20 2020

Built-in home office desk with LED lights and window

5 Home Office Ideas You'll Love

Try these five simple ideas in your home office to maximize productivity and enjoyment when working from home.

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Jan. 13 2020

Woman putting on earrings in front of a closet mirror

Closet Mirrors

You've heard of using "smoke and mirrors" to create an illusion. Why not bring that magic into your own home? A good place to start is the closet. Adding closet mirrors to your bedroom closet can increase its functionality and appeal, taking the space to the next level. It can even add resale value when part of a new custom closet overhaul.

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Jan. 3 2020

Blue kitchen shows Color trends 2020 for interior design

Color Trends 2020

This year's interior color schemes are shaping up with remarkable beauty — like the Aurora Borealis against the night sky. Watch for a heavy dose of blue, along with greens, pinks, golds, reds, and grays. The Pantone Institute selected Classic Blue as the color of the year, suggestive of the sky at dusk. Other interior design trends add a full pallet of nature themed hues for 2020. Viewed together, they reflect the changing sky from dusk to dawn enhanced by the beauty of the arctic lights.

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Dec. 21 2019

Closet Cabinet Doors

The Low Down on Closet Cabinet Doors

Using cabinet doors inside your closet has many advantages. Most closets are already concealed by some sort of door. So why add more? Cabinet doors elevate the closet experience. They transform a ho-hum storage area into an elegant dressing room you will gravitate towards at the beginning and end of each day while adding practical protection for your clothing.

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Dec. 16 2019

Guest rooms with Murphy Beds

Guest Rooms with Murphy Beds

With the holiday season upon us, many homeowners will see a surge in their need for guest rooms. Unless you have a very large home, however, dedicated guest bedrooms that are only used one week per year pose a problem. The solution is to create versatile spaces that gets used all year round. The best way to achieve this is with a Murphy bed.

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Dec. 9 2019

Shoe organizer

Best Shoe Organizers

Do you love shoes? Do you have a lot of them? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, you could probably benefit from some type of shoe storage system. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of various shoe organizers.

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Nov. 25 2019

Closet cubby organizer

Design Tip: Use Closet Cubby Organizers

How and why you should use a closet cubby organizer for storage of papers, shoes, purses, towels, wine bottles and more.

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Nov. 18 2019

Custom wine storage and wine cellar in basement

Custom Wine Storage

Create your own custom wine storage center! Wine cellar construction is a home improvement that can increase value as well as daily enjoyment.

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Nov. 12 2019

Rock the Block Master Suite closet contest with Alison Victoria

Master Suite Masters

Closet Works' handiwork was featured on cable TV's Home and Garden channel as part of interior designer Alison Victoria's master suite renovation.

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Nov. 11 2019

Best hangers for clothes are wood hangers

Best Hangers for Clothes

Wooden Hangers vs. Flocked Hangers: Which is Best? Compare the best hangers for clothes, including wooden hangers, flocked or velvet hangers, tubular, and wire hangers.

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Nov. 4 2019

Holiday organizing at Closet Works

How to Stay Organized this Holiday Season

The holidays can be especially stressful. Keep calm with these easy-to-follow tips on how to stay organized during the hectic time between Halloween and New year's Day.

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Oct. 28 2019

Closet Sizes and Shelves

Closet Size Standards

Minimum sizes for walk-in and reach-in closets, including space requirements for shoes, hanging clothing, drawers and closet islands.

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Oct. 21 2019

dovetail drawers

The Importance of Dovetail Drawers

An explanation of what dovetail drawers are, and why you should choose closet drawers with this feature.

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Oct. 14 2019

Scarves hanging on rod

How to Organize Scarves

Eight great ideas on ways to organize scarves in closets and mud rooms.

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Oct. 7 2019

Putting towels in a linen closet

Small Linen Closet Organization

The basis of any good linen closet organization is a lot of shelves. For maximum storage, make sure yours has both static shelves and pull-out shelves to ensure small items don't get lost in the back.

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Sep. 23 2019

Slate gray hardware trend for closets and kitchens

New Trends in Hardware for Closets

In late 2018 and 2019 we saw the rise of flat black and matte gold hardware finishes. These colors complement the rise in white cabinetry and warmer neutrals trending throughout the design industry. Joining this trend is a hot finish expected to dominate home décor and closets for 2020 — metallic Slate Gray.

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Sep. 16 2019

Cedar closet benefits

Cedar Closet Benefits

Along with recent trends towards organic produce and other natural solutions, cedar closets are growing in demand. They are one of those home improvements that can add value at resale, especially among environmentally conscious consumers.

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Sep. 9 2019

best organizers for small closets

5 Best Closet Organizers for Small Closets

When it comes to storage, small closets are frequently the most in need of good closet organizers that will maximize the space and increase the amount of "stuff" they can hold. Try these tricks to increasing closet storage capacity when space is limited.

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Aug. 26 2019

Children building an erupting volcanoe at home

Organize a Homework Space for Your Child

Good home organization goes a long way towards helping children with school. Try these tips for creating your own perfect homework space for children.

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Aug. 19 2019

Window treatments for bedrooms and closet dressing rooms

Window Treatments for Your Dressing Room & Bedroom

When it comes to dressing the window in a closet, it all comes down to protecting fabrics and furnishings while providing privacy.

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Aug. 12 2019

Small laundry room ideas

Ideas for Small Laundry Room Organization

Ideas for small laundry rooms including practical organizing accessories that maximize functionality in the tiniest laundry spaces.

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Aug. 1 2019

An organized mudroom aids back to school preparation for child

Get Ready for Back to School Through Better Organization!

3 Suggestions to Help Your Kids Get and Stay Organized for the Upcoming School Year.

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Jul. 22 2019

modern electric fireplace with fireplace surround, floating cabinets and lighting

Fireplace Surrounds

A fireplace adds a warm and cozy focal point to any room in which it is placed. And it doesn't have to require building a chimney or undertaking major remodeling. Get great tips on how to add a functional modern fireplace with fireplace surround to an empty wall in your home.

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Jul. 15 2019

organize with hooks for closets

Get Creative & Save Space with Hooks!

Hooks are not very glamorous and are thus sometimes overlooked by the average homeowner in the market for custom storage. But they are a very convenient and economical storage strategy. Learn strategies for organizing with hooks in closets and other home storage solutions.

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Jul. 01 2019

Maximizing storage in odd shaped closet spaces

Working with Odd Shaped Closet Spaces

How to Maximize Storage in Your Most Challenging Closet Spaces: Each of these five difficult closet spaces have had their storage potential maximized through closet organization and custom storage solutions.

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Jun. 24 2019

lighting for closets will help sell your home

Boost Drama and Home Value with Eco-Friendly LED Lighting for Closets

Closet lighting is an easy home improvement that increases a home's appeal and offers high return on investment.

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Jun. 17 2019

closet drawers

Closet Drawers

Everything you ever wanted to know about adding closet drawers to your home organization strategy.

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Jun. 10 2019

Reach-in closet ideas

Reach-In Closet Ideas

Eleven ways to increase style and functionality of a simple reach-in closet: Try implementing some of these reach-in closet ideas and watch your simple wall closet transform itself into a luxurious personal refuge that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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Jun. 3 2019

Simple Organizing Accessories

Organizing Ideas Using Simple and Inexpensive Accessories Everyone Should Own

Use these storage and organization tips that make use of items you already have around the home or can purchase easily and cheaply to get started on the path to decluttering and home organization.

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May 28 2019

The Principles of Successful Home Organization

Home Organization: A Place for Everything

Room by Room Organization Tips and Storage Solutions for the Home: No matter what size space you are working with, having a place for everything and everything in its place is the key to maintaining an organized home and life. To get your house in order, review every room/closet in your home and then apply these tried and true organizational tips/tricks for each space.

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May 20 2019

garage organizing

Organizing the Garage: Ideas for Garage Storage

Most homes could benefit from some sort of garage organizing system. This means storage. Whether the problem arises from an abundance of toys, bicycles, sports equipment, yard tools, or other clutter, a good garage storage system will make the most of this space.

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May 13 2019

shelving solutions

Never Enough Shelves: The Importance of Shelving Solutions

Shelving Solutions are an Important Part of Every Home Organization Strategy — Try these ideas to maximize your own home storage.

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May 6 2019

closet remodel

Client Closet Remodel: Step Inside the Closet of Fashion Photographer and Style Guru Helen Berkun

Chicago fashion photographer, beauty and style guru Helen Berkun talks about the closet remodel project she completed with Closet Works.

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Apr 29 2019

closet remodel

5 Closet Remodeling Tips to Increase Livability and Home Value

Use these closet remodeling tips to make sure you get the best return on investment on your next home improvement project.

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Apr 22 2019

Kids closet organizing ideas

Kids Closet Organizing Ideas

7 Tips on organizing a kids closet including clothing and toy organization, plus other kids room storage ideas: Designing closet and other storage solutions for children has its own unique challenges. The needs are somewhat different than for an adult because they change so quickly. Flexibility is key to successful long term closet organization for kids. Possessions that need to be organized usually include both clothing, school materials and toys.

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Apr 15 2019

Small room storage ideas

Living Large in Cramped Quarters

10 Ideas to Increase Storage Space for Your Home, Making it Feel Bigger: When it comes to storage space in and around the home, it often seems that there is never enough. Staying organized is half the battle to successful living in a small home. It is so easy for stuff to pile up in corners. Purging items you don't need or use is essential. Keeping the rest under control can be achieved by maximizing the storage potential in and around the home.

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Apr 8 2019

Built In Bookcase Ideas

Personalize Your Space with These Built In Bookcase Ideas that Also Increase Home Value

5 Great Ways to Add a Wall of Bookshelves: Bookshelves offer the opportunity to create a highly personal space that is equally customizable for the next homeowner. Done right, built in bookcases will increase the resale value of the home.

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Apr 1 2019

murphy bed

All About Murphy Beds

What Exactly is a Murphy Bed and How Does it Work? A Murphy Bed is a hidden bed that is stored in an upright position within a cabinet or closet. The bed system can be divided into two main components — the mechanics and the cabinetry. Mechanics refer to the actual bed parts that go up and down, while the cabinetry refers to the box and wall unit that surround the mechanics of the bed.

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Mar 25 2019

mens closet

Men's Closet Organization Ideas

Tips to Ensure a Successful Men's Closet Design: Whether it's built for a business man with a lot of professional clothing or your "jeans and a sweater" kind of guy, the successful mens closet design is a well organized space that is optimized for the individual owner's attire. There are essential differences between organizing a closet for a man's wardrobe versus women's attire due to the type of clothing and accessories that need to be stored in the space.

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Mar 18 2019

purse storage

Five Essential Tips for Designer Purse Storage That Keep Your Luxury Handbags Secure, Yet Handy in Your Closet

Purse Storage: Designer purses or special occasions handbags should considered investment pieces, and understanding proper purse storage is essential to maintaining these items for future use or even resale.

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Mar 11 2019

attic closet

Maximize Your Space with an Attic Closet

Your Home's Last Frontier When You've Run Out of Room: Attics are some of the trickiest spaces to work with when installing a new closet. An attic closet will almost always include a sloped ceiling. Standard closet organizer systems are made for boxy spaces with eight foot high walls and floors that are at a right angle to the walls. They won't fit this type of space. There are solutions, however, that can maximize storage in these areas.

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Mar. 08 2019

closet works in the top shelf awards 2019

1st Place for Closet Works in 2019

Closet Works in the 2019 Top Shelf Awards: Closet Works designers walked away with not one, but two 1st Place wins in the 2019 Top Shelf Awards — a closet design contest recognizing the top storage professionals in the industry. Read more to see all 15 outstanding submissions and the winning designs.

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Mar 4 2019

pantry closet

3 Ways to Add a Pantry Closet to a Kitchen That Doesn't Have One

How to Add a Pantry Without Undergoing Major Remodeling: Nowadays, pantries are a highly coveted feature in kitchens. They rank alongside kitchen islands and high-end appliances as one of the most wanted features in the kitchen. A lot of older mid-century homes, however, don't have one. There are ways to add a pantry closet to an older home without undergoing major remodeling.

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Feb 25 2019

velvet drawer organizer for jewelry

Drawer Organizers for Jewelry

Use Velvet Drawer Inserts for Jewelry, Watches, Sunglasses and More! Drawer organizers for jewelry will feature compartments that are usually made of either acrylic or velvet. Acrylic is okay for costume jewelry, and most everyday wear. However, for your fine pieces of jewelry, watches and eyewear, velvet drawer inserts are best.

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Feb 18 2019

bathroom with walk in closet

Bathroom with Walk In Closet or Walk Through Closet to Bathroom?

Which is Better When You Must Have a Tandem Bathroom & Closet Arrangement? Master bedroom floor plans where the closet and bathroom are arranged so that you must walk through one to get to the other are on the rise. Whether it is better to walk through the master closet to get to the bathroom, or place the closet first and walk through it to get to the bathroom is a hotly debated topic among new home buyers.

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Feb 11 2019

basement laundry room ideas

Basement Laundry Rooms

Storage Ideas for Laundry Rooms: Even if your laundry room is located in a basement, a well thought out design of the space can make the time spent doing wash pleasant, if not downright enjoyable. Closet Works recently completed makeovers for two basement laundry rooms. Each presented it's own unique challenges, but there were also similarities. There are specific design principles that can overcome the typical basement obstacles. Problems such as uneven floors and walls, pipes and ductwork that obstruct access, lack of light, and excess moisture can be overcome through good storage design — leading to bright and cheery basement laundry room spaces.

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Feb 4 2019

working from home office ideas

How to Design a Home Office to Maximize Productivity

Working from Home Office Ideas: Technologies such as more powerful laptop computers and cloud computing have allowed many companies to offer employees the convenience of working from home at least on occasion. This doesn't mean they want you to return a few work related phone calls while doing your laundry. Employees with a work-from-home benefit are expected to perform with the same level of productivity as though they were in the office. One key to maximizing your productivity involves optimizing the physical space where you will perform the work.

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Jan 28 2019

open closets ideas

Trends in Home Storage Design for 2019 Include Open Closets Without Doors

Open Closets Ideas: Homeowners throughout the United States are embracing the idea of a closet space without doors. Open closets banish doors (and often the walls themselves) in favor of a highly organized system of built-in shelves, doors, baskets and drawers. Open closets tie in with the current trend towards open floor plans throughout the home. To pull off this look, however, you must have a very organized closet.

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Jan 21 2019

basement closet remodel idea

Small House Closet Renovation Idea: Create a New Basement Closet as an Inexpensive Master Bedroom Addition

New Master Closet in the Basement — Case Study: Many homeowners would love to have a giant bonus-room style closet for their master bedroom. Unfortunately, most small or older homes simply don't offer closets in this size. You could add on. However, a lower cost alternative to a home addition is building a new, extra large, dressing room style closet in the basement of the house.

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Jan 17 2019

basement pantry/root cellar

Closet Works Wins Super Service Award for 2018!

Angie's List Award Speaks for Great Customer Service: Thanks to excellent customer reviews and top ratings on Angie's List, Closet Works has won its 11th consecutive Super Service Award — an honorable badge to ensure customers that they are working with a top-notch company that puts customer satisfaction first.

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Jan 14 2019

basement pantry/root cellar

Redefining the Root Cellar: All Purpose Pantry Underground

A Pantry Solution for Small Kitchens — Case Study: Many homeowners would like to have a walk-in pantry, but their kitchens simply don't have enough space to build one. However, owning a modest home with a tight kitchen does not have to end any hope of having a dream pantry. A little creative thinking can target other places in the home where a pantry might fit. A back hall, mudroom, or laundry room are all places that might be able to handle a bit of additional storage. If none of those spaces will work, think about utilizing the the basement as in this example from one of our recent customers.

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Jan 7 2019

built in closet desks

Desks in Closets Can Make a Perfect & Private Home Office

Create a Quiet Office Nook Away From Houshold Chaos in Your Closet: Whether you are planning a closet to office conversion or giving your space dual functionality with a built in closet desk, desks in closets offer surprising advantages.

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