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Dec 20 2021

Cute puppy sitting on bench by dog closet filled with canine clothes

The Dog Closet & Other Pet Supply Storage Ideas for Indulgent Owners

Got pets? Interested in building a dedicated dog closet for all their stuff? Get dog closet ideas here and have all your pet storage questions answered.

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Dec 13 2021

Close-up of fur coats and leather jackets hanging in a closet

How to Store Fur Coats & Leather Jackets

Get the facts on how to store fur coats along with basic leather jacket care so that your garments made from animal hides and furs last a long time.

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Dec 6 2021

Suits hanging in a closet ready for long-term suit storage

How to Store Suits in Closets

Discover the best long-term suit storage strategies while learning how to store suits in closets so they continue to look fresh and free of damage.

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Nov 29 2021

The laundry room with built-in storage

Improve the Laundry Room with These Tips

Improve functionality in the laundry room with these tips. Washing clothes is more efficient and pleasant when everything is at your fingertips.

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Nov 15 2021

built-in banquette with table

Built-In Seating & Banquettes

Get ideas on how to create your own built-in seating, built-in sofas, or banquettes for a streamlined appearance and maximum storage.

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Nov 8 2021

Custom master bathroom en suite with storage

Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas

Use these bathroom storage and organization ideas to make sure your next bathroom renovation project has enough storage to meet your needs.

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Nov 1 2021

Single floating shelf installed on a wall.

What is a Floating Shelf?

What is a floating shelf? Get a better understanding of how to use this contemporary design element. Learn about its special installation challenges here.

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Oct 25 2021

Back door of home surrounded by various entryway organizers.

Best Back Door Organization Tips

Use these back door organization tips to get the lowdown on various entryway organizers. Find the best choices to keep your home clutter free.

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Oct 18 2021

Spices organized on a spice rack.

How to Store Spices & Keep Them Organized

Pay attention to how you keep your spices. Learn the basics of how to store spices and keep them organized for a more flavorful cooking experience.

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Oct 11 2021

Before and after pantry redesign.

Pantry Redesign Tips for Better Organized Kitchen Storage

Learn the elements of good pantry design and get ideas on how to remodel your old pantry.

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Oct 04 2021

Murphy bed with office desk chair and woman sitting in it.

Murphy Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

Try these Murphy bed ideas for small spaces. Create better functionality inside your home with multipurpose spaces that change in the blink of an eye.

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Sep 27 2021

Open cabinet with mop and broom organizers.

How to Organize Mops and Brooms

Get ideas on how to organize mops and brooms. Keep yours neat and tidy using the best mop and broom organizers available for the home.

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Sep 20 2021

Close-up of corner closet shelves.

Creative Bookcase Lighting Ideas Using Eco-Friendly LED Bookcase Lighting Techniques

Create a focal point in your room with these bookcase lighting ideas using eco-friendly LED bookcase lighting techniques and fixtures.

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Sep 13 2021

Close-up of corner closet shelves.

How to Choose the Best Corner Closet Shelves

Learn how to increase practical storage with the right corner closet shelves. Use them to eliminate those messy black holes in your closet for good!

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Sep 7 2021

Walk-in closet with LED closet lighting

Walk-In Closet Lighting Ideas

There are many benefits to closet LEDs. But you need to get it right. Use these walk-in closet lighting tips to take your closet to the next level.

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Aug 30 2021

Finished garage with custom cabinets and lift for cars

Finished Garage Ideas

Storage is the paramount concern in any garage renovation. Especially when remodeling for a multipurpose garage that can double as extra living area. But help is available. Take a look at these finished garage ideas. The space you're looking for might be right under your nose.

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Aug 23 2021

Closeup of an organized closet

8 Mistakes People Make When Organizing Their Closet

Learn to avoid the 8 most common closet organizing mistakes. Use the tips to spruce up your closet and put yourself on track to a more organized life.

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Aug 16 2021

collage of various home office storage solutions

Best Home Office Storage Ideas for various spaces

Need a place to keep your work-from-home gear? Try these home office storage ideas to get organized while promoting a better work-life balance and greater productivity on the job.

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Aug 9 2021

Closeup of student holding notebooks

Back-to-School Organization Tips

An organized home makes everything easier, including school. Use these back-to-school organization tips to put your kids on track for academic success.

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Aug 2 2021

Woman putting on shoes in closet

Use Rotating Shelves for Maximum Organization

Finding convenient storage for all of our possessions can be a challenge. But it doesn't have to be. Rotating shelves can help. Through judicious use of this closet organizer, neglected and underutilized spaces can be made to work harder, providing more and better storage for our needs.

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Jul 19 2021

Simple wire closet turned into luxury dressing room

Transform Your Closet into a Dressing Room

Create your own dressing room. Try these 10 closet remodel ideas that transform an ordinary wire closet from simple storage into a luxurious dressing room retreat.

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Jul 12 2021

Post COVID organizing trends

Post COVID Home Organizing Trends

How the COVID 19 pandemic has changed home organization priorities, preferences, practices, and lifestyles for good.

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Jul 6 2021

necklaces hanging on hooks

How to Store Necklaces

Learn how to store necklaces so that they never tangle or tarnish. Keep your collection safe and protected yet readily available with these tips.

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Jun 21 2021

rec room with floating cabinets

Floating Cabinets & Other Wall-Mounted Storage Solutions

Floating cabinets and other wall-mounted storage solutions are all the rage these days. Get ideas for unique installations in your own home here.

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Jun 14 2021

closet valet rod

Closet Valet Rods — Why You Should Want One

The closet valet rod makes moving clothes in and out of the closet easier. Learn how it adds convenience and time management to the daily routine.

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Jun 11 2021

Organized garage

Closet Works Wins Three More Top Shelf Awards!

The annual Top Shelf Awards honor the best closet and storage designs of the past year. This year's ceremony took place in West Palm Beach, Florida. Closet Works walked away with three awards for projects by designer Nicole Cohen. All in a year that has seen a record number of entries from all over the United States!

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Jun 7 2021

Organized garage

Home Organization

Home organization has a lot of benefits. These top 10 reasons to organize your home will convince you to get started decluttering today.

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May 24 2021

Swimsuits and beach gear hanging on back of door

Swimsuit Storage

How to care for your swimsuits so they last more than one season including washing and storage best practices.

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May 17 2021

decluttered closet

How to Declutter Your Closet

Stuff piles up. It can easily become overwhelming if you let it. Wondering how to declutter your closet? Take control of the situation with these tips.

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May 10 2021

How to remodel a closet on a budget

How to Redo a Closet on a Budget

Is your closet organizer system functional but dated? Learn how to redo a closet on a budget while updating its appearance to your liking.

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May 3 2021

How to store watches for display in the bedroom closet

How to Store Watches

A good watch never goes out of style. In fact, if you hold on to them long enough, they might increase in value. However, to ensure the mechanism remains in good working order, you need to learn how to store watches so that they last.

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Apr. 26 2021

Home gym with storage and media center for watching TV during workouts

Home Gym Storage Ideas

Try our home gym storage ideas and improve your workout experience. Keep your workouts conveniently at home with these organization tips!

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Apr. 19 2021

built-in window seat with storage

Built-In Window Seat Tips

Tips on how to add built-in window seat and turn a plain Jane window into the focal point of the room - while increasing storage and functionality.

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Apr. 5 2021

closet with built-in vanity and makeup storage

Makeup Storage Ideas for Your Closet/Dressing Room

Try these makeup storage ideas for closet dressing rooms. Get tips on features that can organize cosmetics making them convenient, accessible, yet out-of-sight.

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Mar. 22 2021

mans arm dusting a closet

How to Protect Clothes from Dust in Closet

Learn how to protect clothes from dust in the closet and eliminate the problem for good with these closet design and maintenance tips.

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Mar. 15 2021

garage with custom storage system

How to Choose the Right Garage Storage

Learn the differences between different grades of garage storage and garage cabinets. Then choose the best for your needs with these garage storage tips.

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Mar. 8 2021


Cloffice Ideas

The cloffice, a small home office located inside a converted closet area, is in high demand. Learn how to create your own work space with these practical cloffice ideas.

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Mar. 1 2021

glassware storage on shelf

Glassware Storage

Proper glassware storage is important in preventing breakage. Learn how to store drinking glasses so that they are accessible, but don't crack or chip.

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Feb. 22 2021

winter entryway organization for coats and boots

Entryway Organization for Winter Parkas and Boots

Winter entryway organization can be a challenge. Use these tips to get the piles of wet coats, scarves, mittens, and boots under control.

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Feb. 9 2021

sweater storage

Sweater Storage Tips

How to store sweaters in a closet including tips on using shelves, drawers, a cedar chest, and even hangers to protect your knits.

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Feb. 2 2021

Teenagers closet

How to Design a Teenager's Closet

Teenagers closet design tips: 5 ideas on how to create an organized environment for your teen that's super flexible and easy to maintain.

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Jan. 25 2021

How to become organized

How to Become Organized

Learn how to become organized and enjoy the benefits associated with an organized life through these tips from NAPO and Closet Works.

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Jan. 19 2021

Pants on a pant rack

Pants Storage Ideas

Pants storage ideas that combine ease of use with the best closet organization techniques for long-term care of your trousers and jeans.

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Jan. 11 2021

yellow and gray bedroom with built-ins

2021 Color Trends for Closets & Home Interiors

A review of color trends for 2021 including the Pantone color of the year and inexpensive ways to update your home with these fresh hues.

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Jan. 4 2021

remove drawer from closet

Closet Drawer Tips: How to Remove Drawers

Closet drawers need periodic maintenance: Learn how to remove drawers that use either undermount or side mount slides in your custom closet system.

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