Career Opportunities: Join the Team

Founded in 1987, Closet Works is one of the original custom closet and space planning companies in the country. After 35 years of private ownership, we are proud to announce that Closet Works now part of The Container Store family of companies. We manufacture The Container Sore Preston line of custom closets at our production facility in Elmhurst, IL.

As an employee of Closet Works LLC, you can look forward to the same benefits and perks enjoyed by Container Store staff — a company with over 5000 employees. Benefits apply to both full-time and part-time staff. They include medical, dental and vision plans, paid time off, 401(k) plans with company match and no vesting, plus amazing discounts. You'll also find things like pet insurance and a 24-hour employee assistance program. Add a relaxed dress code, regular celebrations and an employee recognition program that includes the chance to win one of seven annual $10,000 Foundation Principle Awards, and it's easy to see why people are passionate about joining us as part of The Container Store family.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Please apply for Closet Works open positions through The Container Store website using the links below.

Closet Works/Container Store Custom Closet Lincoln Park Showroom

2112 N. Clybourn Ave. Suite C2 (free parking)
Chicago, IL 60614

P: 800-425-6738

H: Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
H: Saturday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
H: Sunday: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Office & Manufacting Facility

953 N. Larch Ave.
Elmhurst, IL 60126

P: 630-832-3322

H Office: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Employment inquiries contact [email protected].

Business Philosophy

As a wholly owned subsidiary of The Container Store, we follow their same core business philosophies about treating employees, customers, vendors, shareholders and the community with respect and dignity. They are considered the Foundation Principles,™ — seven ways to do the right thing.

  1. 1 Great Person= 3 Good People: We believe one great person with passion, perspectives, and a range of experiences has the energy and drive to achieve more than three good people. That energy attracts other great people, making it easy to build a dedicated team who will exceed goals and create an environment of success. That's why we hire great people from diverse backgrounds and then foster an equitable, inclusive and safe environment where everyone can thrive. From our Distribution Center to our Stores to our Support Center, you'll find great people in every position who have respect for each other and our customers every single day. Hiring, developing and retaining great people is the secret to creating a great company, and that's what our 1=3 philosophy is all about.
  2. Train For Success: We place great value on the life experiences and the intuition of our specialists. It's helped us earn a reputation for employees who are knowledgeable and trusted experts. By adding the proper training, we can equip our team to best meet the needs of our customers, whether they work in our Stores, Distribution Centers or Support Center. We call it being armed with intuition and trained for success. And it‘s why we are committed to a robust and on-going training and development program to help all of our employees grow throughout every stage of their careers. By offering a steady stream of learning designed to keep skills fresh and the ideas flowing, we not only have more to offer our customers, we create a work environment full of passion and energy.
  3. We Sell Complete Solutions: We believe in the power of discovering a customer's real needs. By training our specialists to ask questions and connect with our customers, selling turns into problem solving. And that's when the magic happens. By simply taking the time to connect with our customers as soon as they walk in the door, we can understand their needs, determine the best solution and personalize it just for them. It's an experience you can't get just anywhere - and it's why so many of our customers love shopping with us.
  4. The Best Selection, Quality & Service: Because we simply never settle for ordinary, our buyers search the world to source the highest quality products, delivering the most benefit and value for our customers. If we can't find what we're looking for, we find a way to create it. From sustainable storage made from renewable resources like bamboo, acacia and seagrass, to customizable, modular solutions, we offer a variety that can't be matched. But we don't stop there. We're passionate about combining our unique products with unmatched expertise and service at every level of our business, regardless of department or role. So, whether our customers are shopping online, working with a designer virtually or engaging with us in-store or over their phone, their experience is anything but ordinary.
  5. Air Of Excitement: From the energy in our stores to discovering something new online, to the buzz on our social channels, our customers experience an Air Of Excitement every time they interact with The Container Store. It's one of the main reasons they consider us their happy place, and every employee is directly responsible for it. Whether a customer is calling in about an order, engaging with us on social, visiting us in-store, or working with a designer virtually, they can sense when specialists are having fun, when they love their jobs and are excited about helping them. It's an attitude that's contagious and it makes for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.
  6. When It's A Win-Win, We All Win: Simply put, nobody has to lose for someone else to win. This mindset opens the door to the opportunities gained by working with a wide variety of diverse businesses and striving to always do the right thing. We treat our business partners with respect, honesty, transparency and trust, and they flourish. It's the secret to creating mutually beneficial relationships where everyone wins. Operating this way has helped us do things like lock down prime real estate, co-produce product lines and secure exclusive products. It is our Golden Rule of business and one of the keys to our company's success.
  7. Communication Is Leadership: Communication is key to great leadership. But what is great communication? At The Container Store, we believe communication must be consistent, reliable, predictable, effective, thoughtful, compassionate, and yes, even courteous. It's a two-way street that demands active listening, and it's a high standard. But it ensures that we share information not only with those who need to know, but with everyone who will benefit from knowing. This "whole-brained" approach results in people at every level being leaders and contributing great ideas.

You can expect these seven Foundation Principals to affect every part of your experience as a Closet Works employee. We are committed to doing everything we can, as individuals and as a company, to ensure that all of us, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, or religious affiliation have EQUAL opportunity to grow, develop and achieve our dreams.

We hope you'll consider joining Closet Works and look forward to reviewing your application.