Bathroom Towel Storage

Get creative with storage! Use wine cubes and cubbies for smaller items.

Wine cube repurposed for towel storage
Closet Works offers endless customization options! Wine cubes can provide a variety of different uses — storing towels in the above design rather than bottles.

Making the most out of small spaces is often a challenge faced by Closet Works designers. To solve problems, we sometimes need to think outside the box (or outside the closet in this case). For this project, the bathroom was tiny but it presented an area of unused wall space. We put this wall to work by constructing an unusual open storage system with shelving for towels and bathroom items. This type of organization unit is most commonly found in wine rooms. In this application, however, it presented the perfect solution for small bathroom storage. The simplicity, symmetry, and versatility of the design is striking. Wine cubes demonstrate a flexibility for towel storage while the cubbies offer a simple organization system for small tolietries.

Construction Details:

  • System color: Cocoa
  • Two 18-inch wine cubes for towel storage
  • Twelve 6-inch cubbies
  • The wine cubes are backed with matching 3/4-inch laminate to provide a more refined appearance
small bathrooom wall unit using wine cubes
Bathroom Unit maximizes bathroom storage using provided empty wall space
bathroom towel storage and organization for bathroom items
Wine Cubes offer towel storage and cubbies offer space for tolietries

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