Gift Wrap Center Featuring Craft Room Organizers

Custom Designed Craft Room Organizers for Gift Wrap

Everyone likes to give and receive presents. Who wouldn't want a space devoted to wrapping gifts? The counter is extra deep with drawers, shelves and vertical dividers perfect for gift bags. The custom wall unit does double duty as a craft storage center — the drawers are a great place to keep small items like stickers, ribbons, markers and colored pencils organized and ready when needed. The deep depth on the shelves ensures that wrapping paper rolls won't stick out too far and the practical stone countertop is scratch resistant — making it the perfect place to unroll paper and wrap gifts. Shelves and vertical dividers keep stored wrapping paper and crafting supplies organized and discoverable. Drawers conceal small supplies and technology, while open storage shelves allow for easy access to materials. The overall system offers a neat and tidy dedicated wrapping space for the person who loves to spoil her grandchildren with a lot of gifts.

Craft room organizers with custom wall unit storage used for gift wrap

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