Craft Room for a Scrapbook Enthusiast

Scrapbooking Room

Scrapbooking is a very popular hobby commonly practiced in many parts of world. For the serious scrapbooker, all the paper, embellishments, stickers, rubber stamps and other tools of the trade can quickly take over the kitchen table. A dedicated space where everything is organized keeps the modern day scrapper happily compiling a visual memory of family events.

This well-appointed craft room was carved from an unused walk-in closet. The space was perfect for the owner's scrapbook organization needs. Papers and albums are stored on the custom wall units on either side of the room. A built-in table/desk with a dispenser for roll paper above it provides plenty of work space — plus it's big enough to invite friends and family over to "crop" and enjoy the hobby together. The paper roll dispenser is made from a repurposed closet rod. A tilt hamper is re-purposed as a container for wrapping papers. Smaller items are organized within the drawers. The countertop on the hutch unit on the opposite wall is a great place to display finished scrapbook albums.

Craft room with custom wall unit storage system for a scrapbooker

Scrapbook Organization Detail

Vertical storage keeps books and albums upright and undamaged

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