Wardrobe Style Linen Closet

Linen Closet — Designed to Live Outside the Closet

Wardrobe style custom linen closet design with built-in ironing board
Wardrobe style closets aren't just for clothing! Consider a custom "out-of-the-closet" design for linen or any storage needs around the house!

Project Description

Did your home come with a tiny linen closet and insufficient storage within the home? Consider a closet design like this one to address your family's needs and keep everyone organized. This custom closet system is built against one side of the room where no closet previously existed. It includes a built-in, shelf type ironing board and abundant cabinets to store folded items behind closed doors.

  • Ivory TFL laminate system
  • Portabella Ivory cabinet doors and drawer fronts
  • Built-in drawer irioning board
  • Chateau handles in oil rubbed bronze finish

Closed View

Doors in Portabella Ivory with Chateau Oil Rubbed Bronze Handles
Linen closet with custom cabinet doors closed