Wardrobe Closet Solves the No Closet in Bedroom Dilemma

New Bedroom Wardrobe Closet Solves the "No Closet in Bedroom" Dilemma

Custom bedroom closet wardrobes with reeded glass inserts
Primary Closet — Closed

custom bedroom closet wardrobes with doors and drawers open
Primary Closet — Open

Custom Bedroom Wardrobe Closet for an Attic Room with a Difficult Slanted Ceiling and No Existing Storage

Bedrooms in older homes frequently do not include the quantity, ammenities or size that modern homeowners demand. However, many vintage buildings do have a walk up attic complete with wood floors and enough headroom to allow the space to be converted into a large master or guest suite. Such was the case with this attic bedroom conversion. This renovated guest room suite spans the entire length and width of the house. The challenge in dealing with an attic space conversion is that it usually comes with slanted ceilings, sloped walls and no closets. Closet Works designers are masters at designing premium storage systems that not only work within the confines of the angles, but take advantage of every square inch of space.

This grand and luxurious bedroom wardrobe closet appears to stop slightly short of the full height of the room, however, the back of the piece touches the ceiling due to the angle. The closet system fits snuggly against the wall while taking advantage of every possible inch of ceiling height. Having the front of the unit stop slightly shy of the ceiling presents a classic armoire furniture look as well as creating enough height for double hanging clothing — a requirement in order to create enough storage to handle the owner's extensive clothing collection. This bedroom closet has been given a timeless and classic appearance through the choice of Shiraz Cherry laminate along with Mission Shaker closet door and drawer fronts. The center section is slightly deeper than the hanging areas to either side and includes enclosed shelving with a bank of drawers, further enhancing the closet/furniture look. For an opulent effect that screens clutter while simultaneously making the contents visible, reeded glass inserts are used on the central cabinet doors. Although the main wardrobe is quite large, a corner alcove under the eaves is equipped with a second wardrobe unit, further increasing the usable storage space and permanently solving the "no closet in bedroom" dilemma.

Closet Wardrobes: Detail Views of the Corner Alcove Wall Closet System

Secondary wardrobe wall closet system in corner alcove
Secondary corner wardrobe storage space
slide-out jewelry drawer dividers for wardrobe
Slide-out jewelry dividers for drawers