Luxurious Wardrobe Fit for a Queen

Luxurious Wardrobe Fit for a Queen

Project Description

This wardrobe allows a couple to share their space while acting as a beautiful statement piece in the bedroom. In this condominium bedroom, closet space was provided - but surely not sufficient for two. This custom design provided a unique space for a woman to house her own separate collection of clothing and stay on top of organization in a beautiful fashion. This widespread wardrobe was fine tuned to storage needs for a soaring collection of clothing. Customized sections particular to the length of the items to be hanged were included, allowing categorization of attire from elegant formalwear to casual and lightweight blouses. A lengthier space for hanging skirts allotted shelving space below for extra storage of shoes and boots. For a large amount of shoes and the simplicity to alternate between pairs, the proper storage solution was providing slide-out shelves, allowing for up to 12 pairs to be organized and convenient to grab off each shelf.

In addition to implementing storage space for hanging garments and shoes, this wardrobe also provides the means for accessories such as purses, shoes, and folded items. Compartments are available for putting away extra blankets, a series of designer bags, and even more shelving space for sweaters and pants. A set of drawers varying in depth accommodate undergarments. To top it all off, the unit allows overhead storage for bulkier and infrequently used items easily accessible with a step-ladder. Adorned with full-length mirrors to make the room appear larger and in a bright white laminate, the aesthetic of the design reflects luxury and elegance.

  • Color: White
  • Brushed chrome Round knobs
  • Brushed chrome Crescent handles
  • Open raised panel Harmony door fronts
  • 2 Full-length mirror inserts
  • 4 Slide-out shelves for shoes
  • Brushed chrome oval rods

By avoiding construction from floor to all the way up to the ceiling, this unit provides convenient overhead storage and leaves room for the air vent. The mirrored cabinet doors have been doweled together, preserving the symmetry and giving an elegant variance in the textural aesthetic to this side of the wardrobe. Slide-out shelves for shoes made it possible to condense a high volume of shoes while also making it very easy to take each pair out and put them away. This luxurious wardrobe is a floor based piece that looks as though it was meant to be there. It is on a wall that cuts back a couple of inches, so there are two depths. Outlets were kept into consideration and were made accessible throughout the construction.
Custom luxurious wardrobe with mirror cabinet doors

Detail Views

full view of custom wardrobe with cabinets open
View with cabinets open
a storage solution for a variety of belongings
This wardrobe was built around a jog in the wall
hanging space for a variety of different lengthed clothing
Diverse hanging sections and shelves
Side featuring storage potential and slide-out shoe shelves
Maximum storage for shoes and garments
Slide-out shoe shelves
Slide-out Shoe Shelves
Full view displaying wardrobe storage capability
Maximizing storage in a condominium bedroom