Wardrobe Closet with Glass Doors

Wardrobe Style Closet with Glass Inserts on Doors & Drawers

Wardrobe style custom closet design with glass panel doors
If you have an area you want your closet but it always needs to look show-ready, consider a custom closet design with elegant glass doors and drawers!

Project Description

Stylish custom closets like this one add beautiful storage to a room, but aren't limited by pre-existing space limitations of a built-in closet. Custom closets with glass doors add a level of elegance that you won't want to hide! The addition of puck lights and glass shelves inside the cabinet illuminate the whole unit and making it function as a display case suitable for your best clothing and accessories, or anything you might want to show off.

  • Clear glass panel inserts on Shaker Mission style cabinet doors and drawer fronts
  • Extra long custom chrome handles
  • Round knobs
  • Polished chrome oval rods
  • Glass shelves in the center unit
  • LED puck lights

Detail Views

Glass Shelves
Glass shelves for elegant display
Glass Panel Inserts
Glass panel inserts on doors and drawers
LED Puck Lights
LED Puck lights illuminate closet interior