Multipurpose Room with Wall Bed Conversion

Multipurpose Space — Multiple Functions

Project Description

Why dedicate an entire room as a guest bedroom when you have overnight family/company just once or twice a year? This Chicago area homeowner wisened up by calling Closet Works to design a more efficient use of the space — allowing the family year-round use of this room for all sorts of activities. Multiple built-in desks provide dedicated space for a home office and areas for homework, studying or arts and crafts work. The Queen size wall bed remains in the closed position most of the time, allowing a lot of open floor space that can be used for yoga, aerobics, gymnastics practice, garage band (without the garage) and all sorts of activities that require a large expanse of soft, sound absorbing carpeting that is uninterrupted by furniture placement. When a guest bedroom is needed, the queen size wall bed folds out and two pull-out bedside tables created a very comfortable guest bedroom on the homes lower level. There is still room for a nice size television in the wall unit, further adding to the versatility of the room. Rounded shelving in the corner keeps the angles soft and a vertical divider provides space for art projects, oversize books and even games or puzzles.

  • Color: Ivory
  • Portabella ivory drawer and door fronts
  • Monarch style oil rubbed bronze handles on the cabinetry
  • Granite countertops on desks
  • Queen size Murphy style wall bed
  • Two pull-out bedside tables
  • Rounded corner shelving
  • Vertical tray organizer — used for large books, games and art projects
  • Floor based system
Lower level multipurpose space fully converted to guest room
This custom designed home office / multipurpose space with wall bed maximizes versatility and available space by using a fold-away queen size Murphy style wall bed to handle the guest room conversion!

Detail Views

Lower level multipurpose space ready for activities with wall bed closed
one of 2 desk areas with curved shelves and vertical storage