Home Office and Guest Room with Murphy Bed

modern home office with murphy bed

Modern Wall Bed Design for Home Office

Project Description

This home office design is unquestionably full of fine taste — with ornate patterns, sharp and stylish decor, accents of nature, and an overall ethereal atmosphere. The wall bed unit was seamlessly integrated to reinforce the contemporary charm and also act as a resting place, literally and figuratively, from all the busy details of this room. As a budget-friendly solution to wanting a painted wood design, the wall bed is constructed in a white laminate with Unity wood drawer and cabinet faces. Elegant clear glass inserts are spread across the top of the unit providing a place to put linens and miscellaneous things, while also adding textural variance and a fragile and classy touch to the design. As this is a smaller room, this modern wall bed design saves a great deal of space and converts the space easily into a guest room. The modern and sleek design is a masterpiece both hidden away and folded down.

queen hidden bed converts to sleeping quarters for guests
The unit folds down converting this small home office into comfortable sleeping quarters with a guest bed. The white storage bed provides convenient pull out shelves, cabinets, and overhead compartments with glass inserts.

Modern Wall Bed Design Details

hideaway bed for modern home office
The built in bed provides wall storage in a small room used as a home office.
mattress folds into wall and is a space saver bed
The solid white hidden bed design acts as visual break from the busy patterns of the room.
wall storage for guest room and home office
Cabinets provide wall storage for electronics, office supplies, and more.
fold up beds for home office
The modern bed design spans the wall and becomes a showcase in the artistic room.
queen bed folds out of wall to become a comfortable guest bed
A queen bed folds down as a guest bed in this home office.
glass cabinets for modern bed that folds out of wall
Glass inserts are a delicate accent and are a welcoming textural, contrasting element.
wall bed design for modern decor
Elegant modern bed design folded down
pull out bedside shelf for wall bed design
Pull out shelf is convenient for bedside belongings and decor.