High Rise Condo with Wall Bed and Murphy Desk

High Efficiency in a High Rise With a Multipurpose Wall Bed & Murphy Desk

Using a Modern Wall Bed & Murphy Desk Transforms Space From Office to Bedroom

What do you do when you live in a lofty high rise condominium like this one and you need to add another bedroom to your home? Unless you feel comfortable approaching the condo board with a plan to cantilever a twelve foot addition outside your window, your best bet is to consult Closet Works for a plan to make your existing space do double duty. This homeowner opted for a beautiful wall system in Sienna Apple from Closet Works Chicago that includes a Murphy style wall bed big enough to sleep two, plus enough cabinets and drawers for any storage needs. A desk system on the opposite wall increases the efficiency of the space even more for home office use without adding a lot of clutter or additional furniture to the room.

  • Color: Sienna
  • Polished chrome hardware
  • Full size Murphy style wall bed
  • Murphy style desk folds out from wall unit
  • Desk along one wall with upper cabinets and granite countertop
  • Regal doors and drawer fronts
  • Pull out bedside table

Living space converts to a bedroom with modern wall bed
Desk with upper cabinet against opposite wall
Full size Murphy wall bed in closed position with open Murphy desk
Murphy style desk folds out from cabinet
Murphy style modern wall bed in open position and closed Murphy desk
Full-size Murphy style wall bed opens while desk stays folded behind cabinet door