Master Walk In with 360 Organizer & Closet Desk

Master Walk In with 360 Organizer Valet & Closet Desk

Project Description

This walk in closet is luxury all around. The elegant Breakwater laminate has a warm undertone that is enhanced by the closet lighting and is complimented by the various tones of the room. A closet desk with a contrasting Sable countertop acts as a vanity where a light up mirror may be placed. To avoid tangling wires and keep the closet looking sharp, the cord can run through the grommet covered opening in the countertop. In the corner of this walk in closet is a 360 Organizer Valet model that has been customized to specific wardrobe needs — accommodating extra shelves and drawers for folded clothing. Closet accessories such as two valet poles, a belt rack, and tie organizer are included.

  • Color: Breakwater
  • Drawer front style: Bella
  • Traditional Crown Moulding
  • Floor-based System
  • Elite Valet Pole
  • Belt Rack
  • Tie Organizer
  • Grommet in desk
Custom closet in ivory for long and narrow space
Custom closet suspended on decorative legs
Custom closet in ivory with contrasting rods and hardware