Tiny Walk-In Master Closet

Tiny Walk-In Closet Designed to Organize for Two

Project Description

As a solution to getting more out of a compact space, Closet Works custom designed this walk-in closet system to effortly organize both a man and woman's wardrobe. Utilizing a symetrical design, the space is evenly divided into his and hers areas with double hanging space that reaches into the return, allowing for maximum storage of clothes. The center closet hutch incorporates both a cabinet and drawers, one of which is a locking jewelry drawer. A hutch is a perfect substitie for a closet island when floor space is a concern — it offers similar countertop space for perfume, make-up, home decor, and more.

In order to eliminate the burden of a bulky laundry basket, a pull-out canvas-lined hamper has been provided. Shoes can be stored in the tall shelving unit that can hold multiple pairs of all sorts. The unit is purposefully designed not to extend all the way to the ceiling as to leave overhead storage space.

  • Color: White Laminate
  • Chrome oval rods
  • Slab Melamine Drawer and Door Faces
  • Locking jewelry drawer
  • Center closet hutch
  • Pull-out canvas-lined laundry hamper

Detail Views

custom hanging rods extending into alcloves and shoe storage system
Hanging rods extend into alclove maximizing storage
custom center unit with cabinet, drawer system, and locking jewelry drawer
Custom centered organization system with a closet hutch
pull-out canvas-lined hamper and shelving system for a man's shoes
Pull-Out Canvas-lined Hamper and Additional Shelving Space

custom pull-out hamper designed to conserve space in a compact area
A Pull-Out Hamper is a great way to save space
custom locking jewelry drawer fits all accessories
A custom locking jewelry drawer stores and protects your accessories