Closet for a Young Girl

Closet for a Young Girl: Keeping a Child's Room Free of Clutter

custom closet for young girl

Children's bedrooms are generally associated with clutter and mess. This child's room is the complete opposite due, in part, to her custom closet from Closet Works, Chicago's premier closet organizer company!

Project Description

Keeping children organized can be a challenge for many families, yet studies show that the child that is well organized does better in school and will usually receive higher grades. Unfortunately, the typical American lifestyle can be counterproductive to being organized. Young people's lives are dominated with clutter and overabundance. Just check the pockets and bedrooms of your average American child, and you will find more gadgets, clothes, toys and stuff than anyone knows what to do with.

This family refused to give in to clutter and opted to install a complete closet organization system for their daughter from Closet Works — Chicago's premier closet organizer company. A set of 4 drawers keeps small items orderly and frees up space for study, play or other activiies that a second dresser would otherwise take up in the bedroom. The double hang closet rod system increases available storage for clothing while preventing wrinkles and keeping things easy to find. Many closet shelves were included to store both folded clothing along with the knicknacs and treasures of childhood. The bedroom stays neat and clutter free when a closet system like this one is installed!

  • Color: White
  • Drawer front style: Contempo
  • Pull-out valet poles
  • Oval hanging rods in brushed chrome finish
  • Square brushed chrome handles
  • Suspended system
Custom closet with drawers and shelves for organization