The 360 Organizer Valet and custom walk-in closet

The Maximum Closet to Maximize Space

Project Description

This closet design is not only pretty, but utilizes every inch of available space to pack in a lot of storage. The ultimate closet organizer, The 360 Organizer® Valet by Lazy Lee®, occupies one corner of the walk-in. Almost a complete, contained closet system in itself, this 360 Organizer Valet hold shoes approximately 86 pairs of shoes (depending on size and style) on three sides of the unit with a bank of four drawers and additional hanging on the other side. The rest of the closet furthers the storage potential with more hanging areas and another drawer unit. Extending the hanging up to the ceiling allows for longer items in the double hang section. A pull down rod provides easy access. Numerous organization pull-outs were included for ties, belts and pants — allowing the maximum number of items to be kept in the minimum of space.

  • Sienna Apple laminate floor mount system
  • Contempo drawer fronts
  • 360 Organizer® Valet model
  • Oval, brushed chrome rods
  • Brushed chrome square handles on drawers
  • Pull-out tie butler
  • Pull-out belt rack
  • Two Pull-out pant racks
  • Pull-down closet rod
Custom walk-in closet design with 360 Organizer Shoe Spinner
Luxury walk-in closet design with custom closet organizers

The 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee® is a revolutionary custom closet organizer system for Closet Works™. This space saving, manually rotating closet organizer holds between 86 and 200 pairs of shoes (depending on shoe size and style). It can be used as a stand alone product, or integrated into a custom closet design like this one. The Shoe Spinner and Valet models are also available with additional shelves, drawers and customizations to further enhance the product's functionality for your particular situation.