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At Closet Works we build more than custom closet and storage solutions. We create sanctuary in your home, a special place that is yours and yours alone. And, we understand the crucial role a designer plays in developing that perfect place. That’s why we have the best trained, most experienced designers. So please take a moment to learn more about Jennefier Martin, the Closet Works designer who will guide your project.


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Jennefier Martin - Senior Designer

Jennefier Martin

A few things about Jennefier: 

In college, I studied landscape architecture, where I learned design and creation of outdoor space. At Closet Works, I am able to use my design skills to create and organize interior spaces in my clients’ homes. I was taught that form should follow function and therefore, in my closet designs, function always comes first. My friends like to tease me about my, well, let’s call it “attention to detail”. But that is a characteristic that works in my clients’ benefit! What I love about my job is the one-on-one interaction I have with my clients. Also, I am so happy to be involved in improving my clients’ day-to-day lives, by providing a system that makes staying neat and organized easy! 

Featured Project: Bedroom Storage System

The goal with this project was to create a system that frames the clients’ existing bed, while providing storage for books, shelving to display photos and a desk area. Included are three sets of lights that turn on/off independently of each other; one set above the desk and two above the bed, so one person can read while the other sleeps! Finally, some drawers and frosted glass doors provide hidden storage spaces. 

Bedroom Storage System

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