Challenging Angles: Slanted Ceilings & Sloped Walls

Although slanted, sloped ceilings and angled walls can add a certain cozy charm to a room, they can be difficult to outfit with a traditional closet or stock furniture solution. Custom is usually your best option if you have one of these difficult spaces. With a little help, however, you can turn a challenge into an asset while including plenty of storage for your closet or other space with slanted ceiling. There are certain tricks that tame the angles and Closet Works designers are masters at sloped ceiling closet solutions that maximize a room's potential. By putting storage around the periphery of the room where the ceiling is lowest, storage is increased while leaving the center area with the greatest headroom open and livable. Custom furniture can be designed that embraces the sometimes quirky dimensions, putting every square inch to use and ensuring that you never feel cramped or claustrophobic.