White Reach-In Custom Closet Design has Baskets, Drawers, Shoe Storage

Organize with a Custom Closet — Find Simplicity and Serenity

simple reach-in closet system with shoe storage and pull-out baskets

Shoe cubbies are a favorite way to keep shoes organized in a small space. Whether wood or TFL, all shoe cubbies from Closet Works are constructed of sturdy 3/4" material, rather than the standard 1/2" or even 1/4" used by our competitors.

Project Description

This clean and well organized closet design cuts through the clutter of daily life and evokes feelings of simplicity and serenity. Just take a deep breath and relax. Baskets, shelves and drawers allow you to organize your closet accessories and keep things hidden away until needed. Whether you are organizing your jewelry, socks, shirts or shoes, our custom closet systems are designed to present all of your belongings in a neat and orderly fashion.

  • Color: White
  • Material: 3/4" themally fused laminate (TFL), including the shoe cubbies
  • Drawers with matching slab style fronts
  • Oval, polished chrome rods, handles and hardware
  • Suspended closet system uses the wall studs and a rail to support the closet
  • Pull-out wire baskets in polished chrome

Detail View

Shoe cubbies organize shoes in a small space