Hallway Linen Closet

Custom Linen Closet With Pull-Out Shelves

Project Description

This custom reach-in closet, located at the end of the hallway, serves many purposes for organization in the home. This storage solution, located in a hallway between the bedroom and bathrooms, is designed to handle everything from linen and toiletries to general home decor such as candles and flower vases. Conveniently located between all the bedrooms and bathrooms, this closet provides a central location for medicine, soap, shaving products, and more. Pull-out shelves ensure that small bottles or medicines don't get lost in the back and expire. An even number of spacious shelves on either side of the pull-outs offer separate sections to organize household belongings — linenss and bedroom accessories can be placed on one side, towels and bathroom essentials on the other. This unit is perfect for storing a medley of items, keeping them handy without cluttering up the home.

  • Color: White
  • Overhead storage
  • Twelve spacious shelves
  • Three pull-out shelves
  • 7" lower storage space
custom hallway closet with pull-out shelves
Custom closet designed with pull-out shelves

Detail Views

the unit doubles as a linen closet along with bathroom products
Design acts as a linen closet
pull-out shelves make accessing items simple
Pull-out shelves give clear visibility to items
Design is all encompassing for miscellaneous items in the home
Various items of the home can be stored in this organization system
design may be used as extra bathroom storage and as a linen closet
Design can be an extension of bathroom storage