Custom Closet Design for Twin Babies

Custom Closet Design for Your Little One, or Two!

Project Description

As your child grows, so should their closet. Having a bundle of joy (or two) also means having a bundle of clothes and accessories — usually an excess with all of those presents you received from your shower. This reach-in closet organization system accommodates daytime to goodnight storytime, and everything inbetween. Designed to accommodate multiple children, it basically offers space for everything. The adjustable hanging rod sections adapt to a growing baby's sleepers and everyday clothing with shelf space below for more items such as those little shoes. With a large pull-out canvas-lined wire basket hamper, the unit eliminates the burden of a hefty plastic hamper getting in the way. A pull-out wire basket drawer allows easy access to blankets and towels and contrasts nicely against the soft white laminate. After bath time, those towels can hang on the Polished Chrome Classic hooks to dry next to clean bibs. Dividers are provided in the drawers for organizing smaller items such as socks and hats. A divider on the upper shelf aids in organizing larger items such as bags or toys. To top off this thoughtful custom design, the deep return on this closet has been turned into an alclove that maximizes the space to include storage for a new baby brother or sister.

  • Color: White
  • Material: 3/4" themally fused laminate (TFL)
  • Crescent Polished Chrome handles
  • Adjustable shelves and hanging rods
  • Polished Chrome Classic Hooks
  • Pull-out wire basket drawer
  • Pull-out wire basket hamper
  • Drawer and shelf dividers
  • Italia pillow edge drawer fronts
  • Deep return with additional storage space

The structural white rail in the top, back of the system anchors the closet to the studs. This rail is paintable, allowing the possibility of covering it with a little touch-up paint in the wall color. Exercising this option would make the closet rail virtually disappear.

angled view of custom reach-in closet with deep return for additional storage

Detail Views

pull-out canvas-lined hamper and wire drawer for baby blankets and soiled clothing
Pull-out wire baskets are perfect for baby blankets, towels, and soiled clothing.
drawer dividers for organizing socks, hats, and other smaller clothing items
Organize smaller clothing items such as socks and hats.
custom organization system with drawers and pull-out wire baskets
This custom design provides plenty of drawer and hanging space.
an angled view displaying drawer organization and wire basket storage potential
The pull-out baskets create an interesting contrast with the soft white laminate.
custom closet with maximum storage for one or two babies
This custom design offers maximum storage capability for one or more children.

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