Closet Design for New Baby Maximizes Small Space

Custom Closet Design for New Baby Maximizes Tiny Space

reach-in closet design for a baby boy to maximize small space

Sometimes the smallest customers have the most amount of stuff. Closet Works can design a system to organize all that infant gear so that you can just concentrate on enjoying your baby.

Project Description

Nurseries are often very small and the closets in them can be tiny. However, even though your baby is little, your storage needs are probably quite large. This closet employs triple hanging space to keep those adorable outfits looking their best. This frees up space so that a full half of the closet can be devoted to shelving. These adjustable shelves can be used to store toys, bedding, or even boxes of diapers in a neat and easily accessible fashion. They are fully adjustable and can be changed as the size and needs of the child change.

beautiful baby
Every baby deserves a custom closet from Closet Works