Reach-In Closet Design for Maximum Storage and Versatility

Custom Closet Design for Maximum Versatility & Storage

Project Description

Custom closets are extremely versatile and unique to each homeowners space and situation by their very nature. No where is this more evident than with the closet pictured here. This reach-in was built as a twin to closet 13 and uses the same dimensions and specifications. The use of full bore panels makes it simple to switch out one organizational element for another, allowing the system to change as the owners needs change. This closet satisfies different storage requirements by changing out a laundry basket for a deep drawer and replacing some of the shelving with hanging rods. Three times the hanging space makes this closet a better solution for dress slacks, jackets and blazers, but still includes some shelving for sweaters and shoes.

The structural white rail in the top, back of the system anchors the closet to the studs. This rail is paintable, allowing the possibility of covering it with a little touch-up paint in the wall color. Exercising this option would make the closet rail virtually disappear.

suspended reach-in custom closet system with 3 sections to maximize storage

Detail Views

custom closet system with built-in, pull-out laundry basket with canvas liner
Paintable closet rail achors suspended system to the studs for strength
custom closet system with full bore panels for maximum flexibility and storage
The bank of four drawers is positioned in the center of the closet, ensuring easy access.