Three Section Reach-In Closet Design

Three Section Closet Design for a Suspended Closet System

suspended reach-in closet system with 3 sections for shelves, drawers, baskets and hanging rods

Project Description

Even simple closet systems like this one add a level of luxury in addition to functionality through personal customization and increased storage capacity.

This simple closet design makes a big impact when it comes to closet organization and storage. The bank of drawers and shelving can eliminate the need for a bedroom dresser, freeing up space in a small room and also saving money on furniture purchases. The three drawers in the center of the system are adequate for most people, as the majority of clothing can be folded and stored on the many shelves included with this system. The drawers are used for lingerie and small items. Shoes, purses, sweaters, knit tops and jeans store nicely when folded or arranged on the ample shelves. Rods for hanging ensures that dresses and items that need to hang will not become wrinked. A pull-out laundry basket with canvas liner is integrated into the system to organize dirty clothes and keep them tidy until laundry day.

  • Color: White
  • Material: 3/4" themally fused laminate (TFL)
  • Standard slab style drawer fronts
  • Oval rods with polished chrome finish
  • Standard polished chrome handles
  • Suspended closet system
  • Pull-out basket with canvas liner for laundry
  • Full bore panels for maximum flexibility

Detail Views

custom closet system with built-in, pull-out laundry basket with canvas liner
custom closet system with full bore panels for maximum flexibility and storage