Bedroom Closet with Closet Drawers and Bedroom Closet Organizers

Bedroom Closet System with Custom Bedroom Closet Organizers

Bedroom closet organizers include drawers, shelves with dividers and wire hamper

This custom bedroom closet design has four drawers to hide away smaller articles of clothing. It also takes the place of a traditional clothes dresser. Shelves of various heights were installed to organize different sized items. Acrylic shelf dividers further organize those shelves, making them perfect for keeping sweaters and knit items neat and tidy. A pull-out wire basket with canvas liner was included under the closet drawers. It functions as a hamper to easily contain and hide laundry. At Closet Works, we make all our closet pieces, including the drawers, only of the highest quality. This closet includes our premium drawer system that comes standard with all our closet drawers: undermount, soft close, solid wood drawers with dovetail joints.

Reach-In Bedroom Closet With Closet Drawers

Even a standard eight foot reach in bedroom closet can become the type of organizational system most people only dream of when Closet Works custom closet solutions are involved. Bedroom closet organizers that are custom made for your space will maximize the available storage, while making everything easier to find. Part of being sucessful at work or home is just staying on top of everything by being organized. Closet Works can help to achieve that end with our custom closet designs and bedroom closet organizers. This closet not only provides the desired storage, keeping the owner organized in the morning as he rushes off to work, but the built in bank of drawers included in the center of the system takes the place of a traditional piece of furniture that would have to be purchased and placed outside the closet — saving the owner both space and money. The pull-out wire basket acts as a clothes hamper and the detachable canvas lining can be taken out of the basket and used to carry the laundry conveniently over to the washer and dryer or laundromat.

Custom Bedroom Closet Design Full View

Custom bedroom closet design with closet drawers, acrylic shelf divider and canvas lined hamper

It's All in the Details: Custom Bedroom Closet Organizers

bedroom closet organizers: acrylic shelf divider
Acrylic Shelf Dividers
bedroom closet solid wood dovetail closet drawers detail
Dovetail Joints on Under Mount Closet Drawers
Bedroom closet organizers: wire basket hamper with canvas liner
Hamper with Canvas Liner