Laundry Room Storage System for Hallway Closet

Hall Closet Laundry Storage System Big Needs in a Small Space

Custom laundry room cabinets and storage that adds storage to a small space

Project Description

Keeping up with laundry for a family can be a massive chore. Finding space to do what needs to be done when you have a tiny laundry facility located in a hallway closet can be a daunting task. Every family needs room to store detergent, laundry aides with enough space to hang clothes or organize baskets of wash. Needs don't decrease just because the space is small. Closet Works designed this custom laundry closet organization system to address big needs in a small space. Even simple changes, like the shelves that add vertical storage along with a countertop to fold clothing makes a big difference in functionality and storage capacity. A pull-out valet pole takes care of hanging and drip dry needs, and then retracts into the shelf when not needed.

  • Color: White laminate
  • Matching white countertop in 3/4" TFL laminate with rounded corners
  • Two brushed chrome coat hooks
  • Suspended system
  • Valet pole for organizing shirts as they come out of the dryer or hanging drip dry clothing

Simple laundry room closet organization and storage system