How to move a Closet Works accessory or component

The Closet Works Closet: An Investment in Your Future

Every Closet Works organization system — whether closet, media center, wall unit, pantry or other — was designed to provide many years of enjoyment and satisfaction. Built from only the highest quality materials, our products are designed to last. Many components of our systems are adjustable and are relatively easy to move, accommodating changing needs and times. One example is a child's closet, where the height of hanging rods or accessories may need to be adjusted as the child grows. Similarly, an accessory like a belt or scarf rack may need to be added or moved in order to accommodate changes in fashion, or a growing collection of accessories in an adult closet. In other words, your Closet Works system can be thought of as having "growth potential."

Although we recommend that you leave major changes to our professional installers and carpenters, many accessories and components can be moved by the homeowner.

Installation and "How To" Instructions: How To Move a Closet Accessory

How to Move Your Valet Pole

How to Move Your Tie , Belt, or Scarf Rack

Stealth Lock: How To Program or Change the Battery

How to Program Stealth Lock

This video shows step-by-step how to reset the factory default setting on a Stealth Lock

Product Specifications & How to Change Your Stealth Lock Battery

This pdf document explains how to change the battery, as well as providing technical specs for the Stealth Lock. It also goes through the basics of moving the lock and changing the programming/codes.

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