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Testimonial about the Pantry on the Left

I have Closet Works Custom Closets both in my bedroom and the pantry of my kitchen. To say that I love them would be an understatement. But what is also understated in the ads I have seen is the many ways in which they make a person's life easier. I think most people realize that the system helps with organization which in turn saves time. However, I haven't see any ads that mentioned that I don't have to spend the time I used to cleaning out my closet and deciding what needs to be donated or discarded; it is something I am better able to do on an ongoing basis. Additionally, because of the flexibility of the space, as my life has changed, so has my use of the different areas of my closet. When I purchased my Closet Works System for my pantry, I knew I would be gaining storage space; but little did I know that it would reduce the number of arguments in our family! It's easy to see when we're about out of cereal, for example, because all of our cereal has its own cubbyhole. But the best part for me is that I have help unloading the groceries when I come home from the store without the worry that I won't be able to find something later when I need it. Our family and even visitors can easily see where to put and find such things as coffee, soup, snack foods, mixing bowls, baking goods, and pasta. When I saw that you were having a contest, I thought about removing items from my pantry and "decorating" it for a photograph that would be very inviting and look like those I have seen in brochures. However, the more I thought about why I like my pantry it became evident to me that what I like is not displayed in any of the pictures I have seen from your company (or any other company for that matter). Most photos show shelves with a few items on them or closet rods with clothes hanging so that there are several inches between each item. When I look at those photos, it is difficult for me to imagine my "stuff" in those systems. So, while my pictures may not be the prettiest, I have tried to capture realistic images and then created a collage which includes photos of my empty pantry, all the items from the pantry on my kitchen counters, the pantry restocked with everything that was on the counters, and finally a close-up of the drawers and the types of items that can be stored in them. With the exception of the coffee maker on the counter, everything that was on the countertops went back into the pantry, and I did not consolidate any items (e.g. emptying flour into a canister) to make extra room.


An organized pantry really is a “must have” for the pampered chef, aspiring “foodie” or short-order cook with a growing family. We can help provide custom pantry organization ideas with custom pantry shelving systems including pull out shelves and pantry drawers to fit your space and needs. Please view through our great examples. If you are looking for more information click on the " i ". Bon Appetit!

Actual Clients Recent Pantry Project

Don't forget to read all about how this client used their pantry to the right of the picture.

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