Home Office with Angled Shelves

Home Office with Angled Shelves and Large Bookshelf Storage

Less is More with Angled Shelves

Angled shelves can create a highly functional space in a number of ways. The chiseled edges ease opening and closing a door — leaving plenty of leeway not to crash into any corners. The angled shelves are also a safer option to eliminate the hazard of running into sharp corners. As a whole, less becomes more when the unit is visually condensed to appear less massive. The wall unit retains necessary storage space for a home office while not overwhelming the room. Spacious shelves allow large books such as reference materials to be safely kept in one place. A home office desk has been customized to the owner's body type — creating the perfect dimensions for a personal workspace.

  • Color: Ginger Root
  • Door and drawer front style: Contempo
  • Standard brushed chrome handles
  • Angled Shelves
  • Custom office desk
  • home office with angled shelves and custom desk
    home office bookshelves for reference materials
    Custom home office design with angled shelves and bookshelves